Cousins, Preston and Frank Toledo in the field in the south pacfic sending out coded messages.

Since Heroism and bravery is known to be sacred to the lives of Native Americans, they were often given dangerous tasks because they thought they would be comfortable. Many of them became night watchers and Code Talkers. While Germany used enigma during World War II, Americans used up to six Native American languages as code. Groups such as the Navajo Code talkers would travel and deliver messages to other Navajo Indians. The messages were often about important battle plans translated into Navajo. The original Code talkers served in the first World War. A group of Choctaw Natives would communicate over the phone. The Code Talkers were used more in World War II. Both languages were not written down, making it hard for other people to learn and decode. While the Allies were able to break Engima, the Axis powers never broke the Navajo code.

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 [left to right] Minnie Spotted Wolf of the Blackfeet, Celia Mix, Potawatomi, and Violet Eastman, Chippewa all served in the Marine Corps as Women Reservist.

Native American women also joined the military with the Marine Corps. Minnie Spotted Wolf was the first Native American woman to join the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve and was based on Hawaii and California. She served in the war for four years. She was a driver as well as a heavy equipment operator.