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Past Exhibits

Reservoirs of Strength, Grace and Wit: Libraries at Salisbury University

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The libraries at Salisbury University have traversed a long and storied road from the first College Library to the new Academic Commons. What began in cramped quarters in 1925 expanded into its own building—Blackwell Library—which, despite major renovations to meet student needs in 1975, has since been outgrown. Now the library has its new home within the Guerrieri Academic Commons. Yet, the libraries at Salisbury University continue to be, in the words of Germaine Greer, “Reservoirs of Strength, Grace, and Wit.”


The Stage is Set: Leland Starnes and the Salisbury State Theatre


JANUARY 2017 - MAY 2017

Leland Starnes came to Salisbury State College in 1972 with impressive credentials and the intention of bringing one big production to the stage each year. Starnes established the Salisbury State Theatre, which he viewed as a “repertory company in a professional environment.” Starnes charged admission to the productions, dispersed promotional brochures with season tickets, and created a program for sponsor memberships. 

He was passionate about theatre and devoted himself to the Salisbury program, stating, “We’re determined that the new Salisbury State Theatre will be for everyone a place of rich vitality and joy. Significant theatre–if it is indeed significant–must be an event that its audiences attend with a sense of pleasurable anticipation and excitement rather than from any heavy awareness of duty or ‘cultural enrichment’; truly fine theatre, we all know, arouses, within its viewers of every level, the excited curiosity to see even the direct truth carried out to its logical culmination because of its very theatricality. This is the wild and free kind of theatre that we’re going to try like hell to bring to Salisbury State in our new season.”