Native Americans Then and Now

Native Americans: Then and Now invites you to explore the dynamic history of Indigenous peoples in North America. Through a look at life on reservations, beautiful southwestern art, military service and other forms of heroism, land management and agriculture, the sport of lacrosse, and the film industry, our exhibit reveals common struggles faced by Indian communities but also illuminates the creative, courageous, and determined solutions Indigenous individuals and nations have found in response to centuries of settler-colonialism. This is, therefore, an inspiring story of resilience and increased self-determination. Each of our sections use original archival documents, images, and objects to show how culture change and adaptations have not meant cultural loss or decline but, instead, resistance, vibrancy and growth. We hope you enjoy this journey!


This exhibit was created in the Fall 2020 by students at Salisbury University as part of the course: HIST-384- Native American History, under the supervision of Dr. CĂ©line Carayon, associate prof. of History and Melinda Peek, Curator of Exhibits and Engagement at the Nabb H. Research Center. Email comments or questions for the class to: