The ABCs of Propaganda Analysis

Founded in 1937, the New York-based Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA) created materials and teaching methods to help educators and the public detect, recognize, and analyze propaganda. As part of their curriculum, they created the ABCs of Propaganda Analysis, which remains a relevant guide to examining current forms of propaganda.

ASCERTAIN the conflict element in the propaganda you are analyzing.

BEHOLD your own reaction to this conflict element.

CONCERN yourself with today’s propaganda associated with today’s conflicts.

DOUBT that your opinions are “your very own.”

EVALUATE, therefore, with the greatest care, your own propagandas.

FIND THE FACTS before you come to any conclusion.

GUARD always, finally, against omnibus words.

Don’t Be a Sucker, 1943, clip from the film created by the US Department of War

What is Propaganda?
The ABCs of Propaganda Analysis