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20th Century Magazine Collection

by LeBel, Phillip (1911 – 1962)

1 oversize box (1.5 linear feet)

The 20th Century Magazine Collection contains twelve magazines including: Look, The Saturday Evening Post, and The Spur  ranging from 1911 to 1962. In addition there are four pages, presumably from Vogue. Cover stories include topics such as women's suffrage, Easter, World War I, color photos of the Eastern Shore and Vladimir Lenin, and fox hunting.

Identifier: SC2021.002
Repository: Special Collections
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Arthur Meyring Family Films

by Meyring, Arthur (1945)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

These three 8mm films (two color, one black and white) were recorded in 1945 while Arthur Meyring's family from Dayton, Ohio was on vacation in Florida. The family went deep sea fishing out of the Miami Yacht Basin fishing club and went swimming at a hotel pool.

Associated Subjects: Family Life • Photography • Voyages and Travel
Identifier: SC2014.060
Repository: Special Collections
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Autobiography of Richard Watson

by Watson, Richard (1957)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

Richard Watson wrote his autobiography for a class assignment in 1957 when he was 15 years old, recounting his life from birth in Peoria, Illinois in 1942 to the present day through written entries and photographs. He wrote about family vacations, the death of grandparents, and his sister getting polio and cousin's death from the disease.

Associated Subjects: Diaries • Diaries (Men) • Education • Family Life • Scrapbooks • Youth
Identifier: SC2015.004
Repository: Special Collections
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Bill Satterfield collection

by Satterfield, Bill (1783 – 1945)

15 folders,  1 oversize folder (0.2 linear feet)

The Bill Satterfield collection documents life in the United States from circa 1783 to 1905 and as a soldier in World War II from 1943 to 1945, although the collection dates from 1783 to 1945. This collection includes foreign currency, bonds from various railroad companies, correspondence between friends and family members, receipts of purchasing powder, a church report, a witness record for Seaborn Goodall, a labor agreement between Samuel Wayde and Nathan Lapstein, return of compensation of land to William Nathan Harper, a blank account book, two copies of The Church Quarterly Lesson Leaflet for Middle and Senior Grades, a 1906 almanac, an U.S. Army worship bulletin, a 1943 map of Naples, Italy, and The Story of the Corps of Military Police.

Identifier: SC2019.038
Repository: Special Collections
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Blanche Hudson Letters

by Hudson, Blanche (1892 – 1897)

2 folders (0.1 linear feet)

The Blanche Hudson Letters document the life of Blanche Hudson from 1892 to 1897. Blanche's letters, written to her friend, Berte Graham, describe her daily life and discuss topics such as work, school, church, family, and male suitors. While Blanche lived in Safe Harbor, Pennsylvania, Berte lived in Liberty Grove, Maryland.

Identifier: SC2021.011
Repository: Special Collections
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Bokal-Cotter Collection

by Bokal, Elizabeth CotterBokal, Mary AvisCotter, Mary G.Cotter, Paul J. (1894 – 1991)

2 boxes (1 linear feet)

The Bokal-Cotter collection consists of primarily correspondence from individuals including Mary Avis Bokal, Elizabeth Cotter Bokal (Mary Avis's mother), Paul J. Cotter (Elizabeth's brother), Mary G. Cotter (Paul and Elizabeth's mother), among others, dating from 1894 to 1991 with the bulk of the letters dating from 1942 to 1968. While many of the letters seem to regard family and social events from the Broome County, New York family, Mary Avis Bokal and Paul J. Cotter both lived in Washington, D.C. where Bokal went to American University and Cotter worked in the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee. Also included in the collection are newspaper clippings, unidentified photographs and negatives, postcards, and ephemera that mostly belonged to Mary Avis Bokal.

Associated Subjects: Culture • Family Life • Government • Personal Correspondence
Identifier: SC2017.056
Repository: Special Collections
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Burton Family Diaries

by Burton Family (1865 – 1920)

8 folders (0.8 linear feet)

The Burton Family Diaries were written by Henry Melvin, Ada Bogardus, and Julia Burton in Romulus, New York. Henry Melvin Burton, who was a farmer, postmaster, and insurance salesman, wrote the nine diaries between 1865 and 1873 when he was married to his first wife, Sarah Hill, with whom he had his daughter Julia. After Sarah's death, he married the younger Ada Bogardus in 1893. Ada wrote the diaries that date 1897 to 1900, 1902 to 1904, 1906 to 1907, 1912, 1916, 1918, and 1920. However, when Henry died in January 1916, Julia wrote entries in the diary. The diaries include entries about daily life in rural upstate New York, but also mention national events such as the assassination of President Lincoln, the beginning of the Spanish-American War in 1898, and presidential elections. In 1920, Ada was purportedly one of the first women to vote in Seneca County. She worked for the Mount Green Cemetery Association.

Associated Subjects: Diaries • Diaries (Men) • Diaries (Women) • Family Life • Farm Life • Politics
Identifier: SC2014.064
Repository: Special Collections
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Chilean Zine Collection

by Unknown (2013 – 2021)

4 folders (0.4 linear feet)

The Chilean Zine collection contains materials from 2013 to 2021 that comment on politics, feminism, and family life in Chile. The materials are made by various people and organizations such as Luna Henriquez Olviares, Ergo Comics, Rodrigo Duran Huidobro, and Griffio Ediciones. Zines are traditionally a small-circulation self-published work of original content.

Associated Subjects: Art • Family Life • Magazines • Photography • Politics
Identifier: SC2022.014b
Repository: Special Collections
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Cory Family Letters

by Cory, AbbyCory, IsaacCory, John (1852 – 1859)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

These letters were written from Abby, John, and Isaac Cory between 1852 and 1859, though primarily in 1852 and 1853. The Corys wrote letters from Stockton, California to their family in Tiverton, Rhode Island explaining to them their life events during the gold rush. The Corys left from New Bedford, Massachusetts and discussed their journey on the sea, across the isthmus on mule with natives, their arrival in San Francisco, and the muddiness of Stockton.

Identifier: SC2017.003b
Repository: Special Collections
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Dashiell and Allied Families Collection

by Unknown (1890 – 1995)

1 box (0.5 linear feet)

This collection contains vintage photographs of the Dashiell and allied families - Zink, Murray, Hassfurther/Shield, Mosley, and Ennis; along with some assorted, loose papers that are in correspondence to the late 19th & early 20th century.

Associated Subjects: Family Life • Personal Correspondence • Photography
Identifier: 2012.040
Repository: Local History Archives
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Deborah Underhill Collection

by Underhill, Deborah (1948 – 1970)

2 boxes (2.5 linear feet)

This collection contains photographs, newspaper articles, postcards, menus, a high school yearbook, high school diploma, family history information and a variety of local information. The photographs in the collection are from the early 1900s, and include houses as well as people. The newspaper articles date from 1948 to the 1970s and are about a variety of topics. The earliest article is a sale advertisement for a house in Salisbury, Maryland. Ocean City postcards from around the 1970s show hotels and aerial views of Ocean City. There are also menus and postcards from restaurants in Ocean City. The Wicomico High yearbook, from 1927, includes pictures of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior class. Two high school diplomas from Wicomico County from 1920 and 1926. Farm records, shareholding records and family books give insight to the life of a family living around the Lower Eastern Shore. Finally this collection includes a number of pens and pencils listing the names and addresses of local businesses. As well as information on the local Salisbury baseball team in 1948, local campaign items and cards from local attractions.

Associated Subjects: Agriculture • Business • Family Life • Music • Sports • World War, 1914-1918 • Historic Buildings
Identifier: 2012.100
Repository: Local History Archives
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Diaries of a New Jersey Woman

by Unknown (1874 – 1878)

4 folders (0.4 linear feet)

The four diaries of an unidentified New Jersey woman are dated 1874, 1876, 1877, and 1878. The author was very active in church activities, including the temperance movement. She wrote frequently about community affairs, her husband, and her personal feelings about life and religion. She also kept a detailed record of what she purchased and its cost. Based on locations often mentioned, she is likely from New Jersey and could be related to a family with the surname Moore.

Associated Subjects: Diaries • Diaries (Women) • Spirituality • Family Life • Religious History
Identifier: SC2013.098
Repository: Special Collections
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