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Allen Family Collection

by Allen, LarryMills, George S. (1904 – 1995)

2 boxes,  1 oversize box (1.25 linear feet)

This is a collection of maps, postcards, flyers, catalogs and other local ephemera accumulated by Florence Elizabeth Pruitt (Allen) over the course of her life. The date range of the materials runs from 1904 to 1995.

Associated Subjects: Advertising • Agriculture • Postcards • Business • Poultry
Identifier: 2011.002
Repository: Local History Archives
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Account Book of Dr. Daniel Boone Clarke

by Clarke, Daniel Boone (1886 – 1889)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This book is a record of Dr. Daniel Boone Clarke's account with the merchants, George E. Kennedy & Sons, between 1886 and 1889. Clarke was a doctor who operated a pharmacy in Washington, D.C., but was also President of the Franklin Life Insurance Company and a director of the Metropolitan Railroad Company, U.S. Electric Light Company, and the National Bank of the Republic. Products purchased range and include items like tea, lemons, celery seed, salt, olives, candles, and many other things.

Identifier: SC2014.062
Repository: Special Collections
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Adonijah French Ledger (Randolph, Massachusetts)

by French, Adonijah (1789 – 1815)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This ledger was kept by Adonijah French and, before him, his brother-in-law Phinehas Taft between 1789 and 1815. While many pages were a copybook for math issues involving longitude, latitude, surveying, trigonometry, and dialing, entries after Taft's death in 1798 relate to French's shoe business. Some entries relate to cider making, work done, and transportation of shoes, but the ledger entries nonetheless document the early history of the Massachusetts boot and shoe manufacturing industry. The majority of the entries date between 1798 and 1815, but at least one entry from 1789 in Braintree took note on having dreams.

Associated Subjects: Accounting Records • Business
Identifier: SC2013.113
Repository: Special Collections
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American Stock Certificates

by Unknown (1949 – 1997)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

These 80 stock certificates for American companies were printed between 1949 and 1997. They are steel engraved on security banknote paper and represent stocks for a multitude of companies including banks, realtors, and industrial manufacturing corporations.

Associated Subjects: Business • Economics • Currency • Graphic Arts
Identifier: SC2013.109
Repository: Special Collections
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Arthur Leonard collection

by Unknown (1828 – 1950)

2 cartons,  1 oversize box (3.5 linear feet)

The Arthur Leonard collection takes a look at mid to late 19th century Salisbury through photographs and print material. Series one centers on the economic life of Salisbury. It includes advertising, printed material and photographs of many of the leading and lesser known companies including oil drilling.

Associated Subjects: Business • Graphic Arts
Identifier: 1990.030
Repository: Local History Archives
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Avery W. Hall papers

by Hall, Avery W. (1853 – 1982)

1 box (0.5 linear feet)

Avery W. Hall papers document Hall’s participation as a civic leader in Salisbury Maryland and surrounding regions from 1853-1889, 1932-1982 with the bulk of the material dating from 1945-1970. Hall’s leadership is identified through a series of political memorabilia including correspondence from Governor Millard Tawes and Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Also included in the collection are booklets from Avery W. Hall Insurance Agency relating to Peninsula Regional Hospital and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Project.

Associated Subjects: Politics • Business
Identifier: 2000.019
Repository: Local History Archives
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Benjamin Franklin Kennerly papers

by Kennerly, Benjamin Franklin (1868 – 1982)

1 carton,  1 oversize box (1.75 linear feet)

The Benjamin Franklin Kennerly papers document the extensive business background of one of Salisbury, Maryland’s mayors. Correspondences and receipts, as well as ledgers and checkbooks, record the personal and business interactions of a small-town businessman at the beginning of the twentieth century. Correspondence and receipts dated after his death, created by his family members and business partners, provide insight into the elongated process of receiving life insurance and selling off businesses. The papers also include family photographs, advertisements, and other business notes and materials. The papers date from 1868-1982 and include modern publications referencing B. F. Kennerly and subjects he found interesting.

Associated Subjects: Business • Politics
Identifier: 2008.093
Repository: Local History Archives
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Bisker Family papers

by Bisker, Jerome (1933, 1955)

2 folders (0.02 linear feet)

The collection consists of a 1933 program from Vienna High School, Vienna, Maryland; a 1936 and a 1965 program from Cambridge High School, Cambridge, Maryland; a 1955 program from Salem Methodist Church, Salem, Maryland, and a 1944 guidebook from Salisbury, Maryland, advertising businesses and listing residents serving in the military during World War II.

Associated Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 • Business
Identifier: 2017.087
Repository: Local History Archives
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Bivalve, MD Ledger Collection

by Horner, Vernon (1916 – 1924)

1 box (0.5 linear feet)

This collection contains two store ledgers from Bivalve, MD. The first, attributed to Vernon Horner, is dated 1916 and contains an index. The other ledger is dated from April 1922 to January 1924 but has no indication of an owner or author. This ledger is simply titled "Local Accounts."

Associated Subjects: Business • Culture • Accounting Records
Identifier: 2009.392
Repository: Local History Archives
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Bounds Family Papers

by Bounds, George A.Bounds, George C. (1747 – 1941)

4 boxes (4 linear feet)

This collection contains records from the Bounds family from 1807 to the late 1930s. Series 1 through 4 contains postcards, newspapers, and other documents from different members of the Bounds family from the early 1800s into the twentieth century. The rest of the collection consists of documents of George Bounds, a businessman in the Hebron and Wicomico County area. These materials include real estate transactions, business correspondence, and other related records.

Associated Subjects: Business • Scrapbooks
Identifier: 1994.025
Repository: Local History Archives
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Business Receipts Collection

by Dorman & Smyth Hardware Co.Pusey, B. S.Tilghman's Fish Mixture (1880 – 1925)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

This collection contains a series of receipts from the beginning of the 1900s. There are also vaccination cards and proof of payments. The following businesses are featured William B. Harvey Thoroughbred Guernsey Cattle, Dorman & Smith Hardware Co, Tilghman Fish Mixture, E.S. Adkins & Co, Philips & Legg, Diamond State Telephone Company, Toadvine & Son Fire Insurance, Charles R. Hayman, R. E. Powell & Co, Hartford Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Salisbury Building, Loan, and Banking Association, Rockawalking Canning Company, Peninsula General Hospital, Ulman & Sons Dealers in Fine Liquors and Lacy Thoroughgood.

Associated Subjects: Pusey Family • Business • Receipts
Identifier: 2006.261
Repository: Local History Archives
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C. Ercell Wimbrow papers

by Wimbrow, Ercell (1906-1968, 1997)

1 box,  1 oversize folder (0.25 linear feet)

The papers of C. Ercell Wimbrow document his experience as a member of the Wicomico High School football squad, and the subsequent class of 1917 reunion through a series of photographs, and newspaper clippings. Additional information about Mr. Wimbrow’s life as a resident of Salisbury, Maryland includes correspondence and invoices from the Wimbrow Company as well as photographic images, receipts and newspaper clippings, 1906-1968, 1997.

Associated Subjects: Education • Business
Identifier: 2006.107
Repository: Local History Archives
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