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Items with subject 'Court Records'

Bay Street Property (Berlin, MD) Records

by Unknown (1840 – 2010)

1 box (0.25 linear feet)

This collection contains various papers and histories related to the historic house on 16 Bay Street in Berlin, Worcester County, MD. The collection includes various photographs, compact discs containing maps, layouts, and histories of the Burkhead property, as well as miscellaneous histories, land and court records of Worcester County, MD itself.

Associated Subjects: Court Records • Historic Preservation
Identifier: 2010.017
Repository: Local History Archives
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E. Sheldon Jones Collection

by Jones, E. SheldonJones, I. Ernest (1880 – 1968)

3 boxes,  1 oversize folder (2.75 linear feet)

The E. Sheldon Jones collection documents the career of the Salisbury Advertiser editor, E. Sheldon Jones, and his father, I. Ernest Jones, who was the Mayor of Salisbury from 1916 to 1920. The collection includes newspaper clippings and papers related to Jones' mayoral term, financial information of both Jones', photographs dating between the 1880s and 1940s, a State of Maryland court docket from James E. Cathell dating 1880-1882, handwritten and written recipes, and internal memos from the Red Star Motor Coach Company between 1942 and 1946.

Associated Subjects: Baseball • Court Records • Photography • Recipes • Sports
Identifier: 1993.006
Repository: Local History Archives
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Early 20th Century Legal Records of the Eastern Shore collection

by Bailey, Joseph (1893, 1936)

1 box (1 linear feet)

This collection contains papers and documents from the law office of Joseph Bailey, an attorney who lived in the early 20th century on the eastern shore. These papers and documents are: wills, court case documents and papers that belonged to different inhabitants of the eastern shore who lived at the beginning of the 20th century.

Associated Subjects: Court Records
Identifier: 2006.148
Repository: Local History Archives
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George Gering Collection

by Kennerly, Charlotte E. (circa 1895 – 1920)

2 folders (0.02 linear feet)

This small collection contains a variety of material in the form of land patents, court writs and an official ballot for Worcester County. Included in the collection is tax, financial and business receipts of the Kennerly family from approximately the 1890s to the 1920s.

Associated Subjects: Court Records • Kennerly Family • Receipts • Land Records • Accounting Records
Identifier: 1990.062
Repository: Local History Archives
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Grand Jury Seating Chart

by Unknown (1881)

1 oversize folder (2.5 linear feet)

Handwritten Grand Jury Seating Chart for the September 1881 term. The chart notes, E. Stanley Toadvine, State's Attorney, as well as Edward M. Lucas, Bailiff; and James S. Truitt, Clerk, Wicomico County, Maryland.

Associated Subjects: Court Records • Politics • Government
Identifier: 2015.985
Repository: Local History Archives
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Joseph L. Bailey papers

by Bailey, Joseph (1859 – 1990)

22 boxes (30 linear feet)

This collection primarily consists of case documents, business correspondences, and personal correspondences. Within the case documents are Deeds, Wills, Inventory, Mortgages, and Accounts. There are also objects from beyond 1939 that either belonged to Esther Bailey or one of Joseph's nephews. The collection also consists of postcards, greeting cards, photographs, and newspaper articles.

Associated Subjects: Court Records • Government • Politics
Identifier: 2006.145
Repository: Local History Archives
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L.Q. Powell collection

by Unknown (1724 – 1976)

2 boxes (3 linear feet)

The L.Q. Powell collection contains early legal and political records pertaining to Somerset County, Maryland including tax lists, voters list, and court records as well as certificates for elections of Judge, Sheriff, and Surveyor. It details church activities through parish records, cemetery records and individual accounts of churches. One series is dedicated to genealogical histories of several families including the Powell family. Of interest to researchers may be the materials on the Civil War and Free Blacks in the final series.

Associated Subjects: African American History • Cemeteries • Court Records • Genealogy • Powell Family
Identifier: 1984.001
Repository: Local History Archives
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Loveta Schweers papers

by Schweers, Loveta (2001 – 2011)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Loveta Schweers papers include a genealogical project done on the Wroten (Rotten, Roten) family on the Delmarva peninsula. There are several photocopied land records, court records, and military records related to the family. Within the collection are additional documents related to the Mace, Adams, and Wiley families. Due to the nature of the papers as photocopies, there is no exact date of their creation.

Identifier: 2011.149
Repository: Local History Archives
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Outten-Willey Affair Article

by Redden, R. J. (1900s)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

This collection contains an article by R.J. Redden entitled "Delaware Tidbit: The Outten-Willey Affair." The article goes into great detail over the murder of Somerset County sheriff William Outten by Delaware resident John Willey. The evidence portrayed in this narrative was obtained through court depositions and the Maryland Archives.

Associated Subjects: Court Records • Personal Correspondence
Identifier: 2010.070
Repository: Local History Archives
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Robert Parker Fondes papers

by Parker-Fondes Family (1849 – 1997)

6 boxes (3.25 linear feet)

The Robert Parker Fondes papers document the lives of the Fondes-Parker family from 1849-1997 in Parsonsburg, Maryland and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region. Documenting materials include financial records of the Parker family, family heirlooms, photographs, and newspaper articles on Robert Parker Fondes’ genealogical research. The bulk of the materials span from 1920-1955, documenting the farming business and personal lives of Clifford and Maude Parker. Correspondence pertaining to family events is also included.

Identifier: 1990.036
Repository: Local History Archives
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Sussex County (Del.) Sheriff records

by Sussex County Sheriff’s Department (1903 – 1995)

68 oversize folders (28 linear feet)

The Sussex County Sheriff records document court cases from 1903-1995 in Sussex County, Delaware. The collection contains financial records for the court and sheriff’s department as well as specific records of costs and outcomes from the court cases occurring from 1903 to 1995. There are records for both the Sussex County Superior Court, as well as the Court of Common Pleas. The records are largely limited to Ledgers, Fee Books and Receipt Dockets. The Ledgers contain basic budgetary information for the Court and the Sheriff’s department, recording costs covered by the court’s budget. The Fee Books record cases by month, with a record of the fees which were to be paid by the court system’s budget. The Receipt Dockets contain information on individual cases and features an index of cases with monetary information and case outcomes.

Associated Subjects: Court Records • Ledger • Civil Rights Movement
Identifier: 2012.131
Repository: Local History Archives
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Wicomico County Circuit Courts collection

by Wicomico County Circuit Court (1885 – 1950)

17 boxes (17 linear feet)

The Wicomico County Circuit Court Collection includes various documents such as police reports, petitions, court orders, appeals, jury selection sheets and the original folders in which the papers were stored. The criminal actions listed range from traffic violations and vagrancy, to assault, burglary and bastardy charges. Not all of the cases were brought to trial and some of the charges were appealed, or dropped all together. The collection also includes several record books kept by the Circuit Court.

Associated Subjects: Court Records
Identifier: 2006.106
Repository: Local History Archives
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