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Atlantic Oceans Estate History

by The Sinepuxent Beach Company (1891 – 1927)

7 folders (0.07 linear feet)

This collection contains numerous leases, deeds, conveyances, audits, and property maps of various Ocean and Coastal businesses and homes in Worcester and Somerset Counties from 1891-1927. Frequently named businesses and owners mentioned are The Sinepuxent Beach Company of Baltimore City, John F. Waggaman, The Ocean City Development Co., Frank P. Phelps, Clarence C. Kilby, William B. S. Powell, and the Interstate Realty Company.

Associated Subjects: Maps • Receipts
Identifier: 2006.159
Repository: Local History Archives
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Business Receipts Collection

by Dorman & Smyth Hardware Co.Pusey, B. S.Tilghman's Fish Mixture (1880 – 1925)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

This collection contains a series of receipts from the beginning of the 1900s. There are also vaccination cards and proof of payments. The following businesses are featured William B. Harvey Thoroughbred Guernsey Cattle, Dorman & Smith Hardware Co, Tilghman Fish Mixture, E.S. Adkins & Co, Philips & Legg, Diamond State Telephone Company, Toadvine & Son Fire Insurance, Charles R. Hayman, R. E. Powell & Co, Hartford Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Salisbury Building, Loan, and Banking Association, Rockawalking Canning Company, Peninsula General Hospital, Ulman & Sons Dealers in Fine Liquors and Lacy Thoroughgood.

Associated Subjects: Pusey Family • Business • Receipts
Identifier: 2006.261
Repository: Local History Archives
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Eastern Shore Commerce Ephemera

by Unknown (1724 – 1957)

1 box (0.5 linear feet)

The Eastern Shore Commerce Ephemera collection is divided into five series and documents the correspondences and accounting records of the Howard, Goslee, and Morris families. In addition, there are other accounting records from the Eastern shore, including Salisbury and Delaware. This collection also contains court documents, a temperance speech from 1833, a diary documenting an unnamed persons daily activities, and a meeting book from the Betsy Ross Council of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Associated Subjects: Goslee Family • Howard Family • Morris Family • Receipts • Temperance
Identifier: 2009.023
Repository: Local History Archives
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Ed Hammond Ephemera Collection

by Hammond, Edward (1664 – 1944)

5 folders (0.25 linear feet)

The Ed Hammond Ephemera Collection consists of sources collected by Hammond dating between 1664 and 1944 (bulk of sources ranging from 1840 to 1900), primarily from towns in Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland. Many of the documents bear the name of Daniel Hearn. Included are receipts and other financial documents from 1842 to 1942; court documents from 1732 (Ennall's Outrange, Dorchester County, Maryland) and 1863 (will and testament of Andrew Robins of Worcester County, Maryland); educational items (A May Brittingham's grammar school grades and commencement programs); Second World War ephemera (war ration books for two Smack family members and a defense bond envelope); correspondence (1679 letter about a court case and Levin Tyler letters from 1848 and 1849); and additional ephemera including an 1891 Ulman's Opera House concert, a poem, marriage invitations, death cards for Orris and Elizabeth Lloyd, a flyer from Philadelphia requesting goods for African American people, 1664 inventory of grazing cattle and surrender of land in England, and Packard Motor Car Company materials.

Associated Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 • Receipts • Personal correspondence • Education
Identifier: 2006.053
Repository: Local History Archives
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Father Andrew White Collection

by Evans, Bailey V.White, Andrew (1865 – 1899)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

This collection contains a copy of the relation of the colony of the Lord Baron of Baltimore in Maryland, Near Virginia by Father Andrew White, as well as various receipts from New York and Pennsylvania.

Associated Subjects: Receipts
Identifier: 2009.153
Repository: Local History Archives
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Fields Family Ephemera

by Unknown (1913 – 1990s)

2 folders (0.2 linear feet)

This collection contains ephemera from the Fields and other families in Wicomico County dating from 1913 to the 1990s, though primarily in the 1940s.

Associated Subjects: Receipts • Fields Family
Identifier: 2021.040
Repository: Local History Archives
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Frank Short Cattle Breeding Collection

by Southeastern Penna. Artificial Breeding Cooperative (1960s)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

This collection contains various receipts and informational pamphlets on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Artificial Breeding Cooperative from the 1960s. Frank Short's bulls had donated their sperm towards the breeding projects. This collection houses the receipts of said transactions.

Associated Subjects: Receipts • Farm Life
Identifier: 2009.211
Repository: Local History Archives
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George Gering Collection

by Kennerly, Charlotte E. (circa 1895 – 1920)

2 folders (0.02 linear feet)

This small collection contains a variety of material in the form of land patents, court writs and an official ballot for Worcester County. Included in the collection is tax, financial and business receipts of the Kennerly family from approximately the 1890s to the 1920s.

Associated Subjects: Court Records • Kennerly Family • Receipts • Land Records • Accounting Records
Identifier: 1990.062
Repository: Local History Archives
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George White Collection

by White, George (1730 – 2007)

2 boxes,  11 oversize folders ( linear feet)

The George White Collection consists of a series of ephemera, files, and documents from Salisbury, Maryland businesses and people collected pertaining to Salisbury, Maryland during White’s former position as president of the Wicomico Historical Society.

Identifier: 2015.121
Repository: Local History Archives
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James Baxter Chestertown Ledger and Ephemera Collection

by Baxter, James (circa 1920)

1 box,  1 oversize box (2 linear feet)

This collection contains a ledger which had multiple receipts pinned in, as well as recorded receipt information written in the actual book. In addition to that, there were many loose receipts, that probably fell out of the ledger throughout time. Some of the receipts include checks to the Church Hill Bank of Maryland, the Chestertown Bank of Maryland, and the Queen Anne's National Bank of Centerville. In addition to those, there are receipts from auto garages, pharmacies, a dairy and poultry store, a lumber yard, a hardware store, a household cookware store, a subscription to Kent News, and a few letters from Downes Music House. All receipts date early 1920s. Included in this collection is a hand drawn advertisement and sign up list for a barbershop quartet competition.

Associated Subjects: Ledger • Receipts • Personal Correspondence • Graphic Arts
Identifier: 2012.094
Repository: Local History Archives
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John Jacob Collection

by Jacob, John E. (1671 – 2013)

30 boxes,  1 drawer (34.25 linear feet)

The John Jacob Collection consists of two parts that document the life and career of attorney and historian, John E. Jacob, Jr.: collected material and personal research. Jacob collected a variety of original documents that comprise series one of the collection, including personal papers of families, ledgers, scrapbooks, land and legal documents, photographs, ephemera, and other paper-based items. Jacob also kept detailed handwritten notes and indices when researching various topics related to the history of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, as well as his handwritten drafts for books and lectures, which comprise series two of the collection. The collection has folder-level descriptions in the inventory.

Associated Subjects: Business • Genealogy • Land Records • Ledger • Personal Correspondence • Photography • Postcards • Programs • Receipts
Identifier: 1984.016
Repository: Local History Archives
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Salisbury and Pocomoke Ephemera

by Unknown (1930s)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This collection contains various ephemera from Salisbury and Pocomoke, Maryland in the 1930s, including: two Tilghman Fertilizers booklets, a program for the Peninsula General Hospital, two receipts for the Shawen Inn, a booklet of parlor games, and a Good Friday broadside for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Associated Subjects: Receipts • Railways
Identifier: 2019.109
Repository: Local History Archives
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