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Anne B. Nock collection

by Nock, Anne B.Nock, Floyd (1652 – 1998)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Anne B. Nock collection contains three essays on Onancock, Virginia, and William Claiborne. The essays included are "Vaux Hall: Accomack County, Virginia: 1652-1972", written by Floyd Nock, "A Walk through History with William Claiborne", and "Onancock, Virginia: Child of the Bay", written by Anne B. Nock. The collection also contains various restorations, physical mapping, and history of Vaux Hall, one of the oldest settlements in Accomack County, Virginia.

Associated Subjects: Architecture
Identifier: 1992.010
Repository: Local History Archives
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Betty Murrell Collection

by Murrell, Betty (1550 – 1986)

4 folders (0.04 linear feet)

The genealogies of several families are explored in this collection including the Willey, Wallace, Hargrave, Kfoury, Medford, Manlove, Bailey and others. Within the collection, there are land deeds, wills of people who had died, coat of arms for families that originated in England, and baptism records. All these families are able to trace ancestors to Accomack County, Somerset County, and Dorchester County.

Identifier: 1986.002
Repository: Local History Archives
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Brent Conner collection

by McCready, Benjamin H. (1861 – 1869)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Brent Conner collection contains information on the military service of Benjamin H. McCready of Accomack County, Virginia during the American Civil War. The records are photocopies of the originals culled from the Veterans Records Collection at the National Archives. Records include pension orders, discharge forms, correspondence, and a family tree connecting the Connors with the McCready family lines.

Identifier: 1999.023
Repository: Local History Archives
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Charles Robert Virgil Hall collection

by Hall, Rob (1789 – 1987)

1 carton,  1 oversize box (2.5 linear feet)

The Charles Robert Virgil Hall collection documents various Eastern Shore families and their activities from 1789-1987, with the bulk of the records dating from 1885-1920. Eastern Shore communities are documented via land records, fraternal organizations, church materials including programs and the Journal of the Diocese of Easton, printed advertisements, family histories, and photographic prints.

Identifier: 1998.142
Repository: Local History Archives
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D. Page Elmore papers

by Elmore, Page (1932 – 2011)

6 boxes,  1 oversize folder (7.75 linear feet)

D. Page Elmore, an Eastern Shore Native and member of the Maryland House of Delegates, as well as a prominent businessman who was the CEO of Shore Disposal, Inc. Records reflect his efforts to support the local communities as well as reflect his personal life.

Associated Subjects: Business • Education • Nonprofit Organizations • Politics • Religious History
Identifier: 2013.022
Repository: Local History Archives
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Elijah T.P. Gibbons papers

by Gibbons, Elijah (1861 – 1879)

1 box (0.25 linear feet)

Elijah T.P. Gibbons papers document through correspondence the activities of Gibbons’ cousin, Alexander King, a Union soldier who served in Tennessee’s Company K and Hiram Scott, Gibbons’ uncle who was living in Kentucky during the Civil War. The correspondence also includes friends and family members and expresses opinion on the war including the draft, life in military camp, and their on-going activities, 1861-1865. Also included are debt payments and bond statements between Gibbons and James Cottman from the 1870s.

Identifier: 1990.028
Repository: Local History Archives
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Ellett A. Lewis Scrapbooks

by Lewis Family (1900 – 1940)

1 box (0.75 linear feet)

Ellett A. Lewis Scrapbook collection depicts family members and friends participating in activities outside of the home in Salisbury, Maryland through photographic documentation, 1900-1940. Images include Mr. Lewis’ service in World War I, New York City, Accomack County, Virginia, Pokomoke City, Maryland, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Eastern Shore homes, roadside camping, schoolhouses, classrooms and monuments to Virginia Dare and Francis Makemie.

Identifier: 2005.078
Repository: Local History Archives
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Emily and Bill Briddell Collection

by Emily and William BriddellRebecca Skinner (1672 – 2017)

6 cartons,  3 oversize folders (6.3 linear feet)

The Emily and Bill Briddell Collection contains genealogical records of the Briddell, Ames, Stevenson and other families. The collection ranges from 1672-2017 with the bulk of materials from 1880-2000. the collection contains correspondence, official and unofficial documents, pamphlets, maps, and photographs.

Identifier: 2022.009
Repository: Local History Archives
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J. Douglas Deal papers

by Unknown (1663 – 1982)

1 carton,  1 oversize folder (2.25 linear feet)

The J. Douglas Deal papers document the extensive research done by Deal while writing his dissertation Race and Class in Colonial Virginia: Indians, Englishmen, and Africans on the Eastern Shore during the Seventeenth Century from 1970-1982 at the University of Rochester. Materials within the collection are comprised of photocopies of documents dating from 1663-1866. Photocopied materials include seventeenth-century Accomack County tithables, articles from the William and Mary Quarterly, and genealogical information regarding families from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Handwritten notes and tithable charts created by Deal are also within the collection.

Identifier: 1998.123
Repository: Local History Archives
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Joseph Townsend papers

by Townsend, Joseph (1893 – 1917)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

Joseph Townsend papers document the family activities of the Townsend family in Accomack County, Virginia. Documenting materials comprise of correspondence from Joseph Townsend to his daughter Mary in 1917, as well the will of James D. Baker bequeathing items and property to several Townsend family members, 1893-95.

Associated Subjects: Townsend Family • Personal Correspondence
Identifier: 2015.999
Repository: Local History Archives
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Laws Family Collection

by Unknown (1625 – 1960)

4 folders,  1 oversize folder (2.54 linear feet)

The Laws Family collection contains genealogical information on the Laws Family. There are genealogical descriptions of Laws family members, with a birth, death, and marriage date. There are also bibliographic information for some of the more prominent family members. There are also photographs of family members, and the places they lived. The majority of the Laws family members on the Eastern Shore lived in Accomack County, Virginia, Somerset, Worcester, and Wicomico County, Maryland. There is also a Daughters of the Revolution application within for Mary Balle Hastings Holland, who descended from William Laws (1753-1831).

Associated Subjects: Laws Family • Genealogy
Identifier: 2007.073
Repository: Local History Archives
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Melvin Family Collection

by Unknown (1688 – 1980)

2 folders (0.02 linear feet)

The Melvin Family Collection is comprised of genealogical notes for the Melvin family. The family is able to date their heritage back to the 17th Century. The Melvin Family has an ancestor, William Melvin, who was apart of the American Revolution, which is why descendant Ruth Young was apart of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The family lived in almost every county of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia including: Worcester County, Somerset County, Accomack County, and Cecil County. Within the collection, there are also legal land deeds, wills, and censuses listing persons in a household including slaves.

Associated Subjects: Melvin Family • Genealogy • Land Records • Last Will and Testament
Identifier: 1985.011
Repository: Local History Archives
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Michael G. Hitch Collection

by Hitch, Mike (circa 1890 – 1990s)

2 folders (0.2 linear feet)

This collection contains two parts, both collected by Mike Hitch: approximately 30 circa 1890s-1910s photographs of people in Accomack County, Virginia and publications mostly relating to St. John's United Methodist Church in Fruitland, Maryland.

Associated Subjects: Photography • Publications
Identifier: 2020.006
Repository: Local History Archives
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Minson Family Collection

by Unknown (1800 – 1991)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Minson Family Collection contains genealogical information regarding the Minos family. There are multiple drafts contains information on three male members of the family: William Minson (1800-1860), Utillis Minson (1843- ), and Alexander Minson (1832-1922). The genealogy information details birth, death, and marriage dates, along with the location of those dates. There is also information for each child of the three focused men.

Associated Subjects: Minson Family • Genealogy
Identifier: 1997.009
Repository: Local History Archives
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Ralph Gootee Collection

by Gootee, Ralph L. Jr. (1827 – 1991)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Ralph Gootee Collection covers local history of Laurel, Delaware, with Gootee genealogy history. Ralph L. Gootee Jr. marked every grave within Laurel, Delaware with a description of who was buried there. There is also a detailed description of Gootee family members births, marriages, and deaths.

Associated Subjects: Gootee Family • Genealogy • Death Records
Identifier: 1992.022
Repository: Local History Archives
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Reverend William Gwynn Coe letters

by Coe, William Gwynn (1862, 1864)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

These letters were written to and from Reverend William Gwynn Coe in 1862 and 1864 when Coe was preaching in the Methodist Convention of Accomack, Virginia. In the letters, church matters are discussed, as well as grievances with the occupying Union army. During this time--during the American Civil War--Coe held secessionist views and ran past the Union blockade to acquire goods in Baltimore for family and friends. Also included is a biographical sketch of Coe and one letter sent to a different reverend requesting a lecture to Confederate soldiers from North Carolina.

Identifier: 2018.074
Repository: Local History Archives
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Somerset County Media collection

by Unknown (1670 – 1912)

3 folders (0.03 linear feet)

This collection contains compact discs entitled "Marriages and Deaths from the Eastern Shore 1881-1912" ,"1860 Census Accomack County, Virginia", "Somerset County Judicial Records from 1670, 1671, 1674, 1675, 1676, 1683, 1687, 1689, 1690-1695"," Ballard Miles Plats", "Clay, Fire and Hands: Clay Artists on the Eastern Shore", "Church Basement Songs, Kirk Mariner", "Maryland State Bar Association: An Oral History", "Pocomoke's Oldest Houses", "Frank A. Warren House", "On One Accord: Singing and Praying Bands of Tidewater Maryland and Delaware."

Associated Subjects: Art • Music • Spirituality
Identifier: 2009.359
Repository: Local History Archives
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Tom Fooks family history collection

by Fooks, Tom (1700 – 1900)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Tom Fooks Family History Collection records genealogy information for the Fassitt, Cropper, Buckby, and Robins Family. The recorded family history dates back to England in the 1500s, with a large emphasis on their daily lives. The collection also discusses life on the Eastern Shore for the early family members of Fassitt and Cropper. Included are wills, family bible birth and death dates, and general information about specific family members.

Associated Subjects: Buckby Family • Cropper Family • Fassitt Family • Robins Family • Genealogy
Identifier: 1992.026
Repository: Local History Archives
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William E. Simms Collection

by Del-Mar-Va Eastern Shore Association (1932)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

This collection contains a copy of the "Yearbook of Delmarva" dating from 1932.

Associated Subjects: Agriculture • Industry
Identifier: 2010.201
Repository: Local History Archives
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