Maryland Beaten Biscuits


Tray of beaten biscuits being served at a muskrat supper, photograph taken by Kelly Feltault

For many, Eastern Shore families, a holiday meal would not be complete without Maryland Beaten Biscuits. This unique biscuit is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and has been a tradition on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for hundreds of years. For families, this labor-intensive process meant they rose early in the morning, usually on a Saturday, to make beaten biscuits for holidays and guests.  

Dating back to colonial Eastern Shore, slaves and servants would beat biscuit dough on a tree stump and beat it for thirty minutes since yeast and leavening agents were rare products. Beaten biscuits have been referred to as “Pounded Biscuits” and “Apoquiniminc Cakes.”

One could tell the hour before breakfast by the sound of cooks beating biscuits all the way down the block.  

-Francis Beirne, 1951, The Amiable Baltimoreans

Maryland Beaten Biscuits