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Records of The Upper Shore Genealogical Society

by Upper Shore Genealogical Society (1976 – 2004)

1 carton (2 linear feet)

The Upper Shore Genealogical Society records contains newspapers, newsletters, and publications from the Upper Shore Genealogical Society as well as organizational documents, such as meeting minutes, secretary reports, membership materials and research documents. In addition, the collection includes publications of the Eastern Shore Episcopalian. The collection ranges from 1982-2004 with secondary content relating to the 18th and 19th centuries.

Identifier: 2021.064
Repository: Local History Archives
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Allen Clark Publications

by Clark, Allen (1984 – 2013)

2 oversize boxes (2.25 linear feet)

Allen Clark Publications includes a signed copy of Clark’s publication, New Light on Old Barratt’s: a history of Barratt’s Chapel, and includes biographical and supplemental information about author Allen Clark.

Associated Subjects: Religious History • Methodism
Identifier: 2013.068
Repository: Local History Archives
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American Protective Association Manual

by American Protective Association (1894)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This manual contains the "principles and objects" of the American Protective Association and was published in Toledo, Ohio in 1894. The association was an anti-Catholic secret society established in 1887 and pushed for the perpetual separation of church and state.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Politics • Publications • Religious History
Identifier: SC2017.003a
Repository: Special Collections
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Anne Morris Clay papers

by Clay, Anne Morris (1886 – 1997)

1 carton,  1 box (1.5 linear feet)

The papers of Anne Morris Clay document her occupation as a land records researcher in the Maryland counties of Wicomico and Worcester. The materials date from 1886-1997 with a bulk of materials dating from 1980-1997. Materials include correspondence and research material regarding Cherie Cozin's Purnell property off Shore Side Road in Dames Quarter as well as June Petit's Simpleton property and correspondence with Dave Nutter pertaining to the property Nutter’s Neck. Materials also include transcriptions of the 1759-1865 land documents, 17th-century certificates of land patent, 18th-century deeds, 19th century Acworth Plat, and deeds for Nutter’s Neck. In addition, there are research materials on Sampson Burbage (1818-1881) and his properties in Powellsville. Also, there are property research records regarding William Hull's Muddy Hole Road and Tyaskin properties and a biography of Milford W. Twilley. A portion of the materials belonged to Ruth Harcum’s father, Benjamin Franklin Kennerly, Jr. who was the mayor of Salisbury from 1912-1914. Also included are books from the Morris, Kennerly, and Harcum families. Additional items include postcards with personal correspondence to Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Harcum and other family members dating to the early twentieth century. Histories of Wicomico County and ephemera pertaining to the Sesqui-bi-centennial can also be found in this collection. Wicomico County specific improvement plans including the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Program and the Salisbury Metro Core Comprehensive Plan have also been incorporated into this collection. This collection also includes a unique collection of sexual education booklets and Victorian-era autograph albums.

Associated Subjects: Maps • Religious History • Land Records • Graphic Arts
Identifier: 2007.004
Repository: Local History Archives
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Bates Family papers

by Bates Family (1873 – 1989)

2 boxes (0.75 linear feet)

The Bates Family papers document the family’s extensive history in Worcester County and Baltimore, Maryland through vital records of the Bates, Starr, Norris, and Murray families. The Bates family is also documented via court records, financial histories and photographs. Correspondingly, records also document the Methodist Protestant church in which the Bates family has been involved for decades; these include the correspondence and articles of Rev. Benjamin Alfred Dumm nephew of Rev. Laurence Webster Bates D.D. The materials date from 1873-1989 with the bulk of the material dating from 1893-1928.

Associated Subjects: Murray Family • Norris Family • Starr Family • Methodism • Religious History
Identifier: 2014.078
Repository: Local History Archives
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Bethlehem Methodist Church Records (Taylor's Island, Md.)

by Bethlehem Methodist Church (1785 – 1978)

4 cartons (4.6 linear feet)

The Bethlehem Methodist Church Records document the membership and activities of the Dorchester County church, as well as Taylor's Island's Methodist congregation before the official church's establishment in 1858. This collection includes minutes from church conferences, membership rolls and congregation registers, and records from meetings, contribution records, Sunday school records, attendance lists, marriage licenses, deeds, and other material related to the church's history.

Associated Subjects: Minutes (Records) • Religious History
Identifier: 2001.004
Repository: Local History Archives
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Betty Murrell Collection

by Murrell, Betty (1550 – 1986)

4 folders (0.04 linear feet)

The genealogies of several families are explored in this collection including the Willey, Wallace, Hargrave, Kfoury, Medford, Manlove, Bailey and others. Within the collection, there are land deeds, wills of people who had died, coat of arms for families that originated in England, and baptism records. All these families are able to trace ancestors to Accomack County, Somerset County, and Dorchester County.

Identifier: 1986.002
Repository: Local History Archives
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Bill Satterfield collection

by Satterfield, Bill (1783 – 1945)

15 folders,  1 oversize folder (0.2 linear feet)

The Bill Satterfield collection documents life in the United States from circa 1783 to 1905 and as a soldier in World War II from 1943 to 1945, although the collection dates from 1783 to 1945. This collection includes foreign currency, bonds from various railroad companies, correspondence between friends and family members, receipts of purchasing powder, a church report, a witness record for Seaborn Goodall, a labor agreement between Samuel Wayde and Nathan Lapstein, return of compensation of land to William Nathan Harper, a blank account book, two copies of The Church Quarterly Lesson Leaflet for Middle and Senior Grades, a 1906 almanac, an U.S. Army worship bulletin, a 1943 map of Naples, Italy, and The Story of the Corps of Military Police.

Identifier: SC2019.038
Repository: Special Collections
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Buckingham Presbyterian Church Session Book

by Thompson, G. Ray (1790-1835, 2018)

2 folders (0.02 linear feet)

Transcription and photocopy of Buckingham Presbyterian Church Session Book 1, 1790-1835. The records document the session meetings including the name and subscriber of the pew, indicating the paid amount a member paid annually for the use of the pew for that year. Additional information includes baptismal records and the names of the ministers.

Associated Subjects: Religious History
Identifier: 2018.078b
Repository: Local History Archives
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Carey Church Records

by Bowman, George A.Carey Church (1878 – 1982)

folders ( linear feet)

The Carey Church records contains information pertaining to the pastors and members of the Gumboro Circuit Parsonage in Delaware. The majority of the records detail baptisms, probationers, marriages that took place at the church from the late 1890s to the early 1900s. An alphabetical list of church members and a chronological list of pastors dating from 1883 – 1982 is present in the collection.

Associated Subjects: Religious History • Minutes (Records)
Identifier: 2018.059
Repository: Local History Archives
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Caroline Gunby and Eleanor Gunby Watts papers

by Gunby, CarolineWatts, Eleanor Watts (1845 – 1999)

3 boxes (1.5 linear feet)

The Caroline Gunby and Eleanor Gunby Watts papers document the travels and fifty year teaching career of Caroline Gunby and the genealogical research of her niece, Eleanor Gunby Watts. The eclectic collection from Somerset County, Md. dates from 1845 to 1999, with the bulk from 1920 to 1956. It includes a doctor’s bill for the treatment of slaves in 1845, historical records from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Marion, Md., and Caroline Gunby’s cross-country travel diary from 1939.

Associated Subjects: Education • Genealogy • Religious History
Identifier: 2006.287
Repository: Local History Archives
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Charles Covington papers

by Covington, Charles (1822 – 2014)

1 carton,  2 boxes (2 linear feet)

The papers of Rev. Charles Covington document his enthusiasm for the Methodist church from 1822-2014 with the bulk of the material dating from 1950-1974. Over the course of his career, Rev. Covington obtained numerous bulletins, booklets and ephemera documenting the many Methodist, United Methodist and Methodist Episcopal Churches across the state of Delaware from Wilmington to Delmar and also includes those on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also documented is military memorabilia from the time that he served as a United States Army Chaplin.

Associated Subjects: Religious History • Methodism
Identifier: 2011.003
Repository: Local History Archives
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