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American Homefront Second World War Ephemera

by Unknown (1941 – 1945)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

These advertising cards, patches, and tickets were created on the American homefront during the Second World War. Each ephemeral item depicts different aspects to war support such as victory bonds, war dances, and auxiliary corps.

Associated Subjects: Advertising • Clubs • Economics • Graphic Arts • Military History • World War, 1939-1945
Identifier: SC2015.059
Repository: Special Collections
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American Protective Association Manual

by American Protective Association (1894)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This manual contains the "principles and objects" of the American Protective Association and was published in Toledo, Ohio in 1894. The association was an anti-Catholic secret society established in 1887 and pushed for the perpetual separation of church and state.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Politics • Publications • Religious History
Identifier: SC2017.003a
Repository: Special Collections
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Baglean and Carnean Societies collection

by Baglean SocietyCarnean Society (1926 – 1937)

4 folders (0.25 linear feet)

The Baglean Literary Society was founded in September, 1925 and was named in honor of Dr. William C. Bagley. The Carnean Literary Society was named in honor of local educator, Miss Mabel Carney. The Baglean and Carnean Societies competed with each other yearly in athletics and theatrical productions. The Baglean and Carnean Society collection includes two notebooks containing the minutes and finances of the Baglean Society from 1926 to 1929. Loose papers included in the collection contain minutes for the Carnean Society from 1931 to 1932, rosters of Carnean Society members, correspondence of the Carnean Society, programs for competitions between the two societies, and the societies’ songs.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Education • Minutes (Records)
Identifier: SUA-051
Repository: University Archives
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Black & White Minstrels Photo and Programs

by Black & White MinstrelsSt. Matthew's Evangelical Church (1933 – 1935)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This collection contains three programs for the 7th through the 9th Annual Minstrel Show and Entertainment of the Black & White Minstrels in Baltimore Maryland from 1933 to 1935. One group photo, including eighteen men in black face makeup, are also included.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Photography • Programs • Racism
Identifier: SC2017.010
Repository: Special Collections
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Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen Ledger (Cortland, New York)

by Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen (1939 – 1967)

1 box (0.5 linear feet)

This ledger was maintained by the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen in Cortland, New York between 1939 and 1967. Included are membership lists, cash reports, and annual reports, as well as several loose letters.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Labor History • Minutes (Records)
Identifier: SC2014.041
Repository: Special Collections
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Cadiz Library Society Ledger and William Hogg and Peter Vandolah Day Book (Cadiz, Ohio)

by Hogg, WilliamVandolah, Peter (1817 – 1818)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This ledger was maintained in Cadiz, Ohio by William Hogg and Peter Vandolah between 1817 and 1818. It documents the membership and finances of the Cadiz Library Society, as well as the daily transactions of goods sold by the two men.

Associated Subjects: Business • Clubs • Country Life • Ledger
Identifier: SC2017.013
Repository: Special Collections
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Catherine Perdunn Papers

by Perdunn, Catherine (1909 – 1964)

5 folders (0.5 linear feet)

The Catherine Perdunn Papers document the early and late life of Catherine (Berger) Perdunn from her birth in 1909 to 1964. Included are Perdunn's baby book, which contains pasted photographs and notes about her childhood in addition to family photographs and a small New York Religious Tract Society publication from the early 19th century; high school commencement program and invitation in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 1927; one typewritten and one handwritten diary that date from 1962 to 1964; and ephemera from the Peace Corps; teaching and Peace Corps certificates. Perdunn recorded her Peace Corps training experience in her typewritten diary from May to August 1962 at the University of Maryland and her Peace Corps operation service in British Honduras from August 1962 to June 1964. She also gave a speech to a Rotary Club in 1964 that detailed her experience in the Peace Corps.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Diaries • Diaries (Women) • International Relations • Voyages and Travel
Identifier: SC2016.015
Repository: Special Collections
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Central Labor Union Journal (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

by Central Labor Union (1927 – 1937)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This journal documents the meetings and reports of the Central Labor Union in Portsmouth, New Hampshire between 1927 and 1937. The union represented several different trades.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Minutes (Records) • Labor History
Identifier: SC2015.031
Repository: Special Collections
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Church Army in the U.S.A. Scrapbooks

by Abraham, Arthur (1927 – 1980)

3 folders (0.3 linear feet)

These two scrapbooks, compiled by Reverend Arthur Abraham, document the history of the Church Army in the U.S.A. from 1927 to 1932 with a 1980 letter. The British organization crusaded by doing "aggressive Evangelistic work under the auspices of the Episcopal Church of America." The scrapbooks contain many photographs, postcards, newspaper clippings, and pasted letters that provide a detailed account of the missionary work primarily in New York, though also in southern states like North and South Carolina.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Newspapers • Photography • Postcards • Scrapbooks • Spirituality • Voyages and Travel
Identifier: SC2013.078
Repository: Special Collections
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Circle K Club Scrapbook

by Circle K Club (1979 – 1981)

1 box (1 linear feet)

The Circle K Club at Salisbury State College (now Salisbury University) was chartered in 1961 and was sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club. The service organization hosted events on campus and offered leadership opportunities for students. This three-ring, leather covered scrapbook contains photographs, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera related to the on-campus programs and after-school activities of the Circle K Club from 1979 to 1981. The documents demonstrate the different events that members of the Circle K Club participated in, including fall festivals, dances, camps, and volunteering. Pages for the 1980-1981 school year were intentionally burnt on its edges by the creators.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Scrapbooks
Identifier: SUA-037
Repository: University Archives
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Crisfield High School Scrapbooks

by Crisfield High School (1935 – 1993)

4 oversize boxes (5 linear feet)

These seven Crisfield High School scrapbooks document high school activities and student achievements from 1935 to 1993. The three earliest scrapbooks focus on the Spinning Wheel Club and the Future Homemakers of America which seem to go hand in hand. The later scrapbooks focus on Crisfield High School sports and the daily events of the high school. These scrapbooks include mainly newspaper clippings but also includes event programs and flyers.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • High School • Scrapbooks • Sports
Identifier: 2019.066
Repository: Local History Archives
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Daughters of the American Revolution, Samuel Chase Chapter

by Daughters of the American Revolution (1900 – 2007)

4 boxes,  1 oversize box (5.25 linear feet)

Records of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Samuel Chase Chapter, of Salisbury, Maryland, document the organization’s activities, including community involvement and administrative duties of the officers, from 1933-2007, with the bulk of the material dating from 1972-1977. Social functions, educational programs, and community engagement efforts of the chapter’s members are documented through meeting minutes, financial records, membership data, as well as scrapbooks, photographs, and newspaper clippings. Published materials from the state and national chapters are included throughout the collection.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Nonprofit Organizations • Scrapbooks
Identifier: 2009.047
Repository: Local History Archives
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