Eastern Shore League 1946-1949

The third and final phase of the Eastern Shore League came about in large part due to the persistence of former major leaguer and Cambridge resident Fred Lucas. Once again, Maryland and Delaware had a combined eight teams in the league.

While major leaguers such as Don Zimmer, Ray Jablonski, and Nick Testa all got their start during this period of the Eastern Shore League, previous major league players Ducky Detweiler and Gene Corbett returned to play for Eastern Shore League teams.

During the 1947 and 1948 seasons, the Eastern Shore League champions had the highest winning percentage in professional baseball and were referred to as “the fastest Class D League in the country.”

Decreasing attendance and lack of major league support contributed to the Eastern Shore League ending in 1949.

13 - Salisbury Cardinals, 1948.jpg

Salisbury Cardinals, 1948, Nabb Center, Walter C. Thurston Collection (2016.096.2848)

A League is Born
Eastern Shore League 1946-1949