Eastern Shore League 1922-1928

The initial run of the Eastern Shore League operated from 1922 to 1928. The first year featured six teams from Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland: the Parksley Spuds, Laurel Blue Hens, Cambridge Canners, Crisfield Crabbers, Pocomoke City Salamanders, and Salisbury Indians. Over 6,000 excited fans packed the stands during the opening games starting on June 9, 1922.

This early version of the league featured top-notch talent, including four players who would become future Hall of Famers: Jimmie Foxx, Frank “Home Run” Baker, Mickey Cochrane, and Red Ruffing.

The final season of 1928 was cut short due to economic hardships in farming that foreshadowed the Great Depression. It would be nearly 10 years before professional ball returned to the Shore.

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McDonald and Pasquella of the Pocomoke City Salamanders, 1923, Nabb Center, Finney Collection (2004.011.002)

A League is Born
Eastern Shore League 1922-1928