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Alvin and Dorothy Piegols Papers

by Piegols, AlvinPiegols, Dorothy (1939 – 1947)

2 boxes,  2 oversize folders (0.75 linear feet)

The Alvin and Dorothy Piegols papers document the experiences of Alvin Piegols as he served in the Army during World War II and of his fiancée, Dorothy Cannon, who was studying to be a nurse at the University of Michigan School of Nursing. The materials date between 1939 and 1947. Items in the collection include "the Scalpel" yearbook, correspondence between Dorothy and Alvin, newspapers, photographs from Alvin's tour in Europe, postcards of German towns, programs and pamphlets, publications about Alvin's battalion, the Thunderbolts, and artifacts such as Alvin's military patches, German pins, a Nazi flag, and a wooden crucifix.

Identifier: SC2021.005
Repository: Special Collections
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Betty Otto Collection

by Bricker, JamesOtto, Betty (1930 – 1938)

folders (0.75 linear feet)

The Betty Otto Collection contains correspondence between Betty Otto and James Bricker, a young, American couple from 1930 to 1938. The bulk of the letters are written from 1936 to 1938 and cover topics such as daily life, wedding plans, work life and social life.

Identifier: SC2021.017
Repository: Special Collections
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Blanche Hudson Letters

by Hudson, Blanche (1892 – 1897)

2 folders (0.1 linear feet)

The Blanche Hudson Letters document the life of Blanche Hudson from 1892 to 1897. Blanche's letters, written to her friend, Berte Graham, describe her daily life and discuss topics such as work, school, church, family, and male suitors. While Blanche lived in Safe Harbor, Pennsylvania, Berte lived in Liberty Grove, Maryland.

Identifier: SC2021.011
Repository: Special Collections
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Clyde Family Letter Collection

by Clyde, EthelClyde, Jane Leslie "Jennie"Clyde, Leslie M.Clyde, Robert A. (1916 – 1919)

9 folders (0.1 linear feet)

The Clyde Family Letter Collection documents the lives of Leslie Clyde and Robert A. Clyde as they served in France during the First World War. The letters date from 1916 to 1919 and describe the men's experiences as they trained at Fort Monroe, Virginia and served with the 2nd Trench Mortar Battery, 2nd Division throughout France. Most of the letters were written by Leslie and Robert to their mother, Jane "Jennie" Clyde, and their father, Robert S. Clyde, as well as their younger siblings: Margaret, Alexander "Sander," Jennie, and Marion. While most of the correspondence contains details about daily life, some mention national and worldwide events such as the Spanish influenza epidemic, Daylight Savings Time in the US, prohibition, the Chicago race riot of 1919, unions and the Railroad Brotherhood, and Charlie Chaplin. Some of the letters include racist slurs and sentiments.

Identifier: SC2023.010
Repository: Special Collections
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Craig O'Donnell Collection

by O'Donnell, Craig (1941 – 2020)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

The Craig O'Donnell Collection consists of one folder of both historical documents and written histories. Included are: correspondence between 1941 and 1945 of the Hitchens and Stewart families of Capeville, Virginia (Laura Hitchens Cherpak, Poppa Sally Hitchens, Aunt Minnie, and Ann H); a 2000 letter from genealogist Matthew Wise with a family tree documenting royal family lineage; a 2006 publication from Kent County News (Maryland) entitled "Tales of Kent County"; a 2020 publication entitled "Confederate Photographer on the Eastern Shore: The Story of Col. John M South" by Kevin Hemstock.

Associated Subjects: Personal correspondence
Identifier: 2021.012
Repository: Local History Archives
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Ed Hammond Ephemera Collection

by Hammond, Edward (1664 – 1944)

5 folders (0.25 linear feet)

The Ed Hammond Ephemera Collection consists of sources collected by Hammond dating between 1664 and 1944 (bulk of sources ranging from 1840 to 1900), primarily from towns in Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland. Many of the documents bear the name of Daniel Hearn. Included are receipts and other financial documents from 1842 to 1942; court documents from 1732 (Ennall's Outrange, Dorchester County, Maryland) and 1863 (will and testament of Andrew Robins of Worcester County, Maryland); educational items (A May Brittingham's grammar school grades and commencement programs); Second World War ephemera (war ration books for two Smack family members and a defense bond envelope); correspondence (1679 letter about a court case and Levin Tyler letters from 1848 and 1849); and additional ephemera including an 1891 Ulman's Opera House concert, a poem, marriage invitations, death cards for Orris and Elizabeth Lloyd, a flyer from Philadelphia requesting goods for African American people, 1664 inventory of grazing cattle and surrender of land in England, and Packard Motor Car Company materials.

Associated Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 • Receipts • Personal correspondence • Education
Identifier: 2006.053
Repository: Local History Archives
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Energy Education and Conservation on the Eastern Shore Grant Records

by Chesapeake Community CollegeSalisbury State CollegeUniversity of Maryland Eastern Shore (1975 – 1979)

2 cartons (2 linear feet)

The Energy Education and Conservation on the Eastern Shore Grant Records document the collective work of Salisbury State College, Chesapeake Community College, and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore on community workshops based around energy use, sustainability, and saving money through environmental conservation from 1977-1978. The workshops are based on professions and include Architects & Builders, Residential Construction, Agriculture and Poultry, Banks and Lending Institutions, Small Businesses, a High School Exhibit, and a Traveling Exhibit. Also included in the collection are photographs, film slides, and cassettes from the workshops as well as paperwork such as grant applications, committee meetings, and correspondence between committee members, consultants, and school administration.

Associated Subjects: Education • Environment • Personal correspondence • Public Programs
Identifier: SUA-110
Repository: University Archives
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Floy G. Pearson Letter Collection

by Blake, Maurice P.Bull, William F.Johnson, Carl S.Pearson, Carl L.Pearson, Floy G.Pratt, Butler Hillman, Sr.Winslow, Percy R. (1917 – 1945)

6 folders (0.6 linear feet)

The Floy G. Pearson Letter Collection contains 53 letters addressed to Floy Pearson of West Falmouth, Maine from 1917 to 1919. Written by eight different men, including her brother Carl Pearson, these letters describe daily life as a soldier stationed in various sections of France during World War I and some include reactions to the end of the war. Most of the letters include envelopes showing approval stamps by military censors and some of the letters have parts cut out by the censor. Additionally, there are pieces of ephemera including a prayer card, lyrics to "Our Loved Ones in Heaven," loose envelopes, a page from a letter (most likely by Carl S. Johnson), a receipt for Maurice Blake, and an immunization record for Robert G. Fitzgerald (dated 1943-1945).

Identifier: SC2023.011
Repository: Special Collections
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J. Millard Tawes Museum manuscript collections

by Crisfield Heritage Foundation (1870 – 2001)

2 boxes (2 linear feet)

This collection consists of small manuscript collections that were housed at the J. Millard Tawes Museum in Crisfield, Maryland. It contains correspondence, a scrapbook, photographs and negatives, financial records, and notes and ephemera from people in Crisfield between the 1870s and 1969 (and 2001), though primarily between 1939 and 1945.

Identifier: 2021.025
Repository: Local History Archives
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Katherine Yocum Collection

by Yocum, Katherine (1922 – 1938)

2 boxes (0.75 linear feet)

This collection consists of personal correspondence of Katherine Yocum from 1922-1938. Most of the correspondence was between Yocum and Nelson Burns. The letters begin when Yocum and Burns were freshmen at Bethany College, West Virginia and follow their, often tumultuous, relationship over the next four years. Many of the letters are addressed to Yocum at her parent's house in Steubenville, Ohio and follow Burns' work and school career through Ohio, Indiana and Iowa. The letters contain details of 1920's University life, family and work through their courtship, engagement and eventual breakup. While the bulk of the collection is letters to Katherine Yocum from Nelson Burns, it also contains some of Yocum's responses as well as letters to and from Yocum's parents and brothers, Floyd and Julian, as well as letters to Yocum from Bob Salmon.

Associated Subjects: Education • Family Life • Personal correspondence
Identifier: SC2021.013
Repository: Special Collections
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Lieutenant Allan Morton Thomas Jr. Letters

by Thomas Jr., Allan Morton (1942, 1945)

folders ( linear feet)

The Lieutenant Allan Morton Thomas Jr. Letters consists of letters and personal correspondence from Lieutenant Allan Morton Thomas Jr., USNR. to his wife Georgia E. Thomas from 1942 to 1945. Thomas Jr. was a Lieutenant on LCI(L) - 225 in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Thomas Jr. wrote about his life aboard the ship in the censored locations of the Pacific Theater. Several letters have missing pages and some lines are censored by the U.S. Navy. At the time, Thomas Jr.’s wife Georgia E. Thomas and daughter Margaret Anne, lived primarily in Bethesda, Maryland, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The transcription of the letters is attached. The digital reproductions of the letters include telegrams, pictures, and newspaper clippings.

Identifier: 2011.036
Repository: Local History Archives
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Lieutenant Colonel Edward Henry Bowes Collection

by Bowes, Edward Henry (1901, 1969)

2 boxes (0.75 linear feet)

The Lieutenant Colonel Edward H. Bowes Collection documents the personal history of Lieutenant Colonel Edward Henry Bowes (1896-1944). Personal items relating to Edward Bowes’ career in the U.S. Army from 1919 to 1944 include diaries, photographs, and other service-related documents. Bowes’ wife Roselmer Bowes (nee McKee) and two children lived primarily in New York and San Francisco, California and are documented through photographs and other documents. Bowes was a prisoner of war (POW) in a Philippine Military Prison Camp during World War II and later died after his prisoner vessel was sunk. There are also two yearbooks, a photo album, a birth certificate of Roselmer Bowes (nee McKee), a handbook meant for cadets about the West Point Military Academy, and a copy of a telegram and record detailing Bowes’ death.

Identifier: SC2020.028
Repository: Special Collections
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