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City of Salisbury Public Works Scrapbooks

by City of Salisbury (1983 – 1996)

1 oversize box (1.25 linear feet)

This collection consists of two scrapbooks containing Daily Times newspaper clippings from 1983 to 1996 documenting the activities of the City of Salisbury's Department of Public Works. Included are clippings related to the Salisbury Zoo, marina construction, downtown and Westside revitalization, housing and environmental issues, and more.

Associated Subjects: Environment • Scrapbooks
Identifier: 2021.003
Repository: Local History Archives
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Dennis Family Papers

by John V. Dennis Sr (1759 – 2000)

3 boxes (1.5 linear feet)

This collection contains correspondence, family trees, death and birth certificates, wills, and other information from 1759 to 2000 pertaining to the Dennis family and its origins in Maryland and Virginia.

Associated Subjects: Crisfield Family • Environment • Farm Life • Genealogy • Slavery
Identifier: 1990.066
Repository: Local History Archives
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E. Elwood Lynch Collection

by Lynch, E. Elwood (1933 – 2002)

1 carton,  1 box (1.25 linear feet)

The E. Elwood Lynch Collection details the personal and professional life of E. Elwood Lynch, and his involvement in mosquito control efforts in Delaware, Florida, and Maryland. Personal items from the collection include correspondence and printed materials. The bulk of the collection consists of photographs, films, and slides taken by E. Elwood Lynch in both a personal and professional capacity during his mosquito control work.

Associated Subjects: Environment • Photography
Identifier: 2019.010
Repository: Local History Archives
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Energy Education and Conservation on the Eastern Shore Grant Records

by Chesapeake Community CollegeSalisbury State CollegeUniversity of Maryland Eastern Shore (1975 – 1979)

2 cartons (2 linear feet)

The Energy Education and Conservation on the Eastern Shore Grant Records document the collective work of Salisbury State College, Chesapeake Community College, and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore on community workshops based around energy use, sustainability, and saving money through environmental conservation from 1977-1978. The workshops are based on professions and include Architects & Builders, Residential Construction, Agriculture and Poultry, Banks and Lending Institutions, Small Businesses, a High School Exhibit, and a Traveling Exhibit. Also included in the collection are photographs, film slides, and cassettes from the workshops as well as paperwork such as grant applications, committee meetings, and correspondence between committee members, consultants, and school administration.

Associated Subjects: Education • Environment • Personal correspondence • Public Programs
Identifier: SUA-110
Repository: University Archives
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Forest Fire History of Wicomico County (Maryland) newspaper clippings

by Salisbury University Students (1940 – 1955)

1 box (0.25 linear feet)

This collection contains newspaper articles documenting the history of forest fires in Wicomico County, Maryland between 1940 and 1955.

Associated Subjects: Environment • Forestry
Identifier: 2007.128
Repository: Local History Archives
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Joan Maloof Papers

by Maloof, JoanMaloof, Rick (1961 – 2012)

3 cartons (3 linear feet)

The Joan Maloof Papers document Dr. Joan Maloof's research, publications, and academic achievements from 2000 to 2012, although the collection dates from 1961 to 2012.  Materials in the collection include trail maps, handwritten notes, printed articles, magazines, newspapers and newspaper clippings, CDs, photographs, photo negatives, correspondence, manuscript drafts, reader responses, conference notes, and Joan's tenure packet for advancement at Salisbury University.  There are also photographs taken by Joan's husband, Rick, and photographs and documents related to her father's managerial involvement with the production of DDT in the 1960s.

Associated Subjects: Publications • Science • Environment
Identifier: SUA-086
Repository: University Archives
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John Groutt Papers

by Groutt, John (1980 – 2020)

7 boxes,  3 oversize folders (7.25 linear feet)

This collection contains emails, letters, financial and fundraising documents, meeting minutes, and advertising materials for the Wicomico Environmental Trust (WET). These papers were collected by John Groutt, whose personal papers such as correspondence and educational materials are also included in the collection.

Associated Subjects: Environment • Environmental History
Identifier: 2020.035
Repository: Local History Archives
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Joseph and Ilia Fehrer papers

by Fehrer, IliaFehrer, Joe Jr.Fehrer, Joseph W. (1950 – 2020)

11 boxes,  6 oversize folders (11.5 linear feet)

The Joseph and Ilia Fehrer papers document the activities of the Fehrers and their environmentalism in Worcester County, Maryland. The Fehrers were instrumental in establishing The Nature Conservancy's Nassawango Preserve in 1973, as well as the Worcester Environmental Trust and Assateague Coastal Trust. The materials date from 1956-2020 with the bulk of the material dating between 1970 and 2000. Included are the TNC Nassawango Preserve internal files, which continued to be maintained by Joe Fehrer Jr. after Joseph Fehrer Sr.'s retirement.

Associated Subjects: Activism • Environment
Identifier: 2009.572
Repository: Local History Archives
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K. King Burnett papers

by Burnett, K. King (1894 – 2014)

22 cartons,  2 boxes (23 linear feet)

The K. King Burnett papers encompass the executive activities and operations of numerous environmental organizations. These documents reflect the impact that preservation regulations had on the Delmarva Peninsula specifically, Wicomico and Worcester counties as it evolved from 1960 - 2014, and the entirety of the papers span from as early as 1894 - 2014. Burnett served as a legal advisor for these organizations. His papers contain numerous board of director reports which reflect by-law drafts and final copies, logistics proceedings regarding agency consolidation, and documents entailing litigation representation including the enforcement of environmental regulations. Organizations of note include Committee to Preserve Assateague Island, Wicomico Planning, Zoning, and Development Committee, and Greater Salisbury Committee.

Associated Subjects: Environment • Infrastructure • Land Records • Transportation
Identifier: 2014.085
Repository: Local History Archives
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Larry Walton of Vision Forestry Collection

by Unknown (2000s)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

This collection contains an audio tape of an interview with Larry Walton on subjects relating to a forest and forest conservation in general. The title of the audio tape is "Interview with Larry Walton of Vision Forestry".

Associated Subjects: Environment • Forestry
Identifier: 2006.332
Repository: Local History Archives
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Lieutenant Colonel Edward Henry Bowes Collection

by Bowes, Edward Henry (1901, 1969)

2 boxes (0.75 linear feet)

The Lieutenant Colonel Edward H. Bowes Collection documents the personal history of Lieutenant Colonel Edward Henry Bowes (1896-1944). Personal items relating to Edward Bowes’ career in the U.S. Army from 1919 to 1944 include diaries, photographs, and other service-related documents. Bowes’ wife Roselmer Bowes (nee McKee) and two children lived primarily in New York and San Francisco, California and are documented through photographs and other documents. Bowes was a prisoner of war (POW) in a Philippine Military Prison Camp during World War II and later died after his prisoner vessel was sunk. There are also two yearbooks, a photo album, a birth certificate of Roselmer Bowes (nee McKee), a handbook meant for cadets about the West Point Military Academy, and a copy of a telegram and record detailing Bowes’ death.

Identifier: SC2020.028
Repository: Special Collections
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Michael Lewis papers

by Lewis, Michael (2000 – 2009)

4 cartons (4 linear feet)

The papers of Michael Lewis reflect research he and several students collected regarding Maryland environmental history after his arrival at Salisbury University in 2000. A significant portion of the papers pertain to the Delmarva Peninsula including the health of the Chesapeake Bay, Ocean City, and Maryland ecology. There is also research conducted on the transition of 20th century Delmarva agriculture and the poultry industry. The papers include several oral histories from Dr. Lewis’ colleagues, ornithologists from the Ward Museum, and Delmarva environmentalists. Many of the documents are facsimiles of their original whose origin dates from 1887-2009.

Associated Subjects: Agriculture • Environment • Forestry • Jackson Family • Oysters
Identifier: 2009.048
Repository: Local History Archives
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