The Junior Red Cross

JR 1.jpg

Two small Juniors in Accomack County, VA, who picked berries and sold them for the Junior Red Cross fund, 1920

The American Junior Red Cross was established during World War I and encouraged students to help the war effort by preparing bandages, knitting scarves, working in victory gardens, and making “Friendship Boxes” containing school supplies and personal items for students overseas.

In 1918, Accomack was one of the first counties in Virginia’s Potomac Division to organize a Junior Red Cross. On its founding, 33 of the 40 schools in the county organized auxiliaries and 3,300 young members participated. They raised $2,000 for the Child Welfare Fund, sewed refugee garments, and made comfort-kits for soldiers serving overseas.

After the war, young students continued to contribute to war and disaster relief, which has carried on today with Red Cross school clubs and volunteers throughout the country.

JR 2.jpg

A Junior in Salisbury, MD, with nuts she gathered to send to a military hospital,1920