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20th Century Postcard Album

by Unknown (1906 – 1960s)

5 folders (0.5 linear feet)

This 20th century postcard album contains approximately 274 individual postcards and 14 multiple postcard collections that date between 1906 and the 1960s. Many of the postcards include correspondence and significant portions are addressed to the same individual (Julia Francis of Woodhaven, Long Island, New York). The postcards depict scenes from both World Wars, buildings and scenery in America and Europe, photographs of the sender, seasonal imagery, and racist depictions of African Americans. There are also several different types of formats that the postcards are presented in, such as raised decorations, wood, silk, embroidery, and one of a woman with wool hair. There is no apparent arrangement of the postcards.

Identifier: SC2013.077
Repository: Special Collections
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Bert Thornton Collection

by Industrial Incentive Division, Navy DepartmentSlocumb, Jessie B.United States of America, Office of Price Administration (1941 – 1965)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

This collection contains a ration book for Jessie Slocumb, a resident of Pocomoke City, Maryland, a booklet from the commissioning from the USS KITTY HAWK in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a quick saver book from the Sperry and Hutchinson Company, better known as S&H Green Stamps, and a "Lest We Forget" booklet.

Associated Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 • Personal Correspondence
Identifier: 2013.098
Repository: Local History Archives
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Bill Satterfield collection

by Satterfield, Bill (1783 – 1945)

15 folders,  1 oversize folder (0.2 linear feet)

The Bill Satterfield collection documents life in the United States from circa 1783 to 1905 and as a soldier in World War II from 1943 to 1945, although the collection dates from 1783 to 1945. This collection includes foreign currency, bonds from various railroad companies, correspondence between friends and family members, receipts of purchasing powder, a church report, a witness record for Seaborn Goodall, a labor agreement between Samuel Wayde and Nathan Lapstein, return of compensation of land to William Nathan Harper, a blank account book, two copies of The Church Quarterly Lesson Leaflet for Middle and Senior Grades, a 1906 almanac, an U.S. Army worship bulletin, a 1943 map of Naples, Italy, and The Story of the Corps of Military Police.

Identifier: SC2019.038
Repository: Special Collections
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Blackwell Library Collection

by Burnett, Mary K.Dashiell, Cassius M. (1765 – 1965)

4 folders (0.04 linear feet)

This collection contains: Placecards and articles regarding airships, Pictures and clippings of airships, William Preston Lane Memorial bridge brochure, Picture of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his nurse, China clippings and pictures and articles and letters, Letter (march 24, 1934) The News Publishing Co. , Nov. 1873 Commission - John W. Laws, History of Stepney Parish (copy), To the glory of God in Wicomico, Tall ships in Baltimore .

Associated Subjects: Personal Correspondence • Maritime
Identifier: 2007.085
Repository: Local History Archives
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Bokal-Cotter Collection

by Bokal, Elizabeth CotterBokal, Mary AvisCotter, Mary G.Cotter, Paul J. (1894 – 1991)

2 boxes (1 linear feet)

The Bokal-Cotter collection consists of primarily correspondence from individuals including Mary Avis Bokal, Elizabeth Cotter Bokal (Mary Avis's mother), Paul J. Cotter (Elizabeth's brother), Mary G. Cotter (Paul and Elizabeth's mother), among others, dating from 1894 to 1991 with the bulk of the letters dating from 1942 to 1968. While many of the letters seem to regard family and social events from the Broome County, New York family, Mary Avis Bokal and Paul J. Cotter both lived in Washington, D.C. where Bokal went to American University and Cotter worked in the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee. Also included in the collection are newspaper clippings, unidentified photographs and negatives, postcards, and ephemera that mostly belonged to Mary Avis Bokal.

Associated Subjects: Culture • Family Life • Government • Personal Correspondence
Identifier: SC2017.056
Repository: Special Collections
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Carolyn Adkins Collection

by Adkins, Carolyn (1870 – 1982)

1 box (0.5 linear feet)

This collection contains research, photographs, family histories, and correspondence of those within Sharptown, Maryland from 1870 to 1982. Documents detail genealogy, businesses, and the development of the town.

Associated Subjects: Personal Correspondence • Photography
Identifier: 1993.020
Repository: Local History Archives
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Charles Bayly papers

by Bayly, Charles (1945 – 1946)

7 folders (0.07 linear feet)

The Charles Bayly papers contain correspondence between Charles Bayly and family/friends during his time in the service. Bayly is an Eastern Shore native and discusses his time in the War. There is also a weekly digest of the Salisbury Times covering the day's activities, dated April 24, 1945.

Associated Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 • Personal Correspondence
Identifier: 1990.009
Repository: Local History Archives
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Charles R. Short papers

by Short, Charles R. (1964 – 1967)

2 folders (0.02 linear feet)

Correspondence written by Charles R. Short, U.S. Navy Third Class Petty Officer deployed to Japan during the Vietnam War. His letters are written to Nancy Lee and Ellen P. Short of Cannon, Delaware from 1964-1967. Short writes about his struggles during induction training at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois, as well as his perception of women and women's roles. Once stationed in Japan, Short writes of his personal relationships with women including a romantic affair with a Japanese woman, Sumiko, of whom the family disagrees.

Identifier: 2014.143
Repository: Local History Archives
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Charles Whayland Collection

by Unknown (1679 – 1936)

1 oversize box (1.25 linear feet)

The Charles Whayland Collection consists of land patents, indentures, surveys and plats, and other land records primarily related to land known as "Calcutta" from 1679 to 1936, many of which relate to Isaac Anderson. This Somerset County land was east of the Wicomico River near Upper Ferry road. Also included in the collection are two letters from 1862 and 1863 discussing shipping lumber to New York City and Alexandria and a 1929 Master's Certificate of Service of Sick or Injured Seamen.

Identifier: 1992.025
Repository: Local History Archives
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Clifton E. Burding Letters

by Burding, Clifton (1917 – 1919)

9 folders (0.2 linear feet)

These letters were written from Private Clifton E. Burding to his hometown girlfriend (and future wife) Lillian Snailhan of New Bedford, Massachusetts between 1917 and 1919. Burding was with Company G, 61st Infantry and began training at Fort Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts and Camp Green in Charlotte, North Carolina before being sent to France and, later, Camp Merritt in Creskill, New Jersey. Burding wrote frequently to Lillian and provided insight into the daily routine of military camp life, including frequent drilling and marching, practice with weapons and gas masks, trench digging, medical exams and inoculations, quarantines due to measles, and his assigned details as a hospital orderly, kitchen worker, and provost guard.

Identifier: SC2017.048
Repository: Special Collections
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Clyde Gilbert Truitt collection

by Truitt, Clyde Gilbert (1916 – 2011)

1 box,  1 folder (0.25 linear feet)

The Clyde Gilbert Truitt collection includes numerous photographs, documents, newspaper clippings, and handwritten information cards detailing Clyde G. Truitt’s military service in World War I. Other local men’s military careers are also included in this collection, but the main focus of the collection is on Clyde Truitt. Information surrounding Clyde’s family is present in the collection. Documents pertaining to Truitt’s family include birth certificates, wedding announcements, report cards, and other genealogical documents. A vast majority of the collection is made up of photographs. Half of the photographs detail Truitt’s military experience, while the other half depict the Truitt family, the Truitt family home, and Clyde’s career with the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company.

Identifier: 2012.015
Repository: Local History Archives
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Correspondence to Mabala Nyalugwe

by Nyalugwe, Mabala (1979 – 1998)

2 folders (0.2 linear feet)

The Correspondence to Mabala Nyalugwe documents the relationships that Nyalugwe had with her friends and family living in various places throughout the United States and Africa from 1979 to 1998. In the letters and postcards, Nyaalugwe's correspondents write to her about the conditions of her family and their own life events. The collection includes various letters, postcards and photographs sent to Nyalugwe in Indiana from destinations such as Boston, Kentucky, London, Gabon, Belize, Lambia, Zambia, and Tanzania. The collection also includes 2 textile pieces and an African bead necklace.

Identifier: SC2020.015
Repository: Special Collections
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