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Dorcas Club Ledger (West Virginia)

by Dorcas Club (1900 – 1904)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This ledger was created by a Dorcas Club in West Virginia and provides records of the organization's activities, which include its dues, expenses, and member names.

Associated Subjects: Charity • Clubs • Minutes (Records) • Spirituality
Identifier: SC2014.053
Repository: Special Collections
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Katherine Yocum Collection

by Yocum, Katherine (1922 – 1938)

2 boxes (0.75 linear feet)

This collection consists of personal correspondence of Katherine Yocum from 1922-1938. Most of the correspondence was between Yocum and Nelson Burns. The letters begin when Yocum and Burns were freshmen at Bethany College, West Virginia and follow their, often tumultuous, relationship over the next four years. Many of the letters are addressed to Yocum at her parent's house in Steubenville, Ohio and follow Burns' work and school career through Ohio, Indiana and Iowa. The letters contain details of 1920's University life, family and work through their courtship, engagement and eventual breakup. While the bulk of the collection is letters to Katherine Yocum from Nelson Burns, it also contains some of Yocum's responses as well as letters to and from Yocum's parents and brothers, Floyd and Julian, as well as letters to Yocum from Bob Salmon.

Associated Subjects: Education • Family Life • Personal correspondence
Identifier: SC2021.013
Repository: Special Collections
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Martin and Wright Store Ledger (Martinsburg, (West) Virginia)

by Unknown (1835 – 1837)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

The Martin and Wright Store Ledger documents the financial transactions of the Martinsburg, (West) Virginia general store between 1835 and 1837. At the time, Berkeley County was part of the state of Virginia and many of the homes held slaves. Domestic and imported items purchased from or bartered with the store included daily goods like eggs, coffee, sundries, as well as other items such as coffins, tobacco, and cholera syrup.

Associated Subjects: Accounting Records • Business • Country Life • Economics • Racism
Identifier: SC2013.110
Repository: Special Collections
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Myers and Doris Calcott Letters

by Calcott, DorisCalcott, Myers (1917 – 1951)

9 boxes (4.5 linear feet)

These letters were written between 1917 and 1951 by Myers "Jack" Calcott and Doris Gay and chronicle their relationship as it progressed from friends to spouses. Myers and Doris, who were married on June 18, 1929, began writing each other in 1927 and sent many several page letters until Myers' death on July 10, 1951; letters prior to 1927 are primarily from Myers' mother while he was attending the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, as well as some of Doris' personal letters and school certificates when she lived in Charles Town, West Virginia. Myers' worked for the Merchants and Miners Transportation Corporation after graduating, which meant he moved frequently and was often at sea while Doris and their three daughters remained in Charlottesville, Norfolk, and Newport Beach. Myers served on the USS Kitty Hawk and USS Magoffin as a naval reservist. In 1946 they moved into their first permanent home in Salisbury, Maryland but Myers, who had struggled with drinking problems, became a patient at Perry Point Veterans Hospital.

Identifier: SC2017.053
Repository: Special Collections
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