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Alvin and Dorothy Piegols Papers

by Piegols, AlvinPiegols, Dorothy (1939 – 1947)

2 boxes,  2 oversize folders (0.75 linear feet)

The Alvin and Dorothy Piegols papers document the experiences of Alvin Piegols as he served in the Army during World War II and of his fiancée, Dorothy Cannon, who was studying to be a nurse at the University of Michigan School of Nursing. The materials date between 1939 and 1947. Items in the collection include "the Scalpel" yearbook, correspondence between Dorothy and Alvin, newspapers, photographs from Alvin's tour in Europe, postcards of German towns, programs and pamphlets, publications about Alvin's battalion, the Thunderbolts, and artifacts such as Alvin's military patches, German pins, a Nazi flag, and a wooden crucifix.

Identifier: SC2021.005
Repository: Special Collections
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Major George W. Fisk Papers

by Fisk, George W. (1938 – 1946)

1 folder,  1 oversize folder (0.2 linear feet)

The Major George W. Fisk papers document Fisk's experiences as a Major during World War II. The materials range from 1938 to 1946. Within the collection are photographs of Major Fisk and the Division Staff of the 2nd Infantry Division, a map of Western Europe with his route marked, a typed memoir, two books about the 2nd Infantry Division, two stamp albums for the purchase of war bonds, Maj. Fisk's uniform jacket and pants, and Maj. Fisk's wool army blanket.

Identifier: SC2021.004
Repository: Special Collections
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Private Frederick Levis, Jr. Papers

by Levis, Frederick, Jr. (1943 – 1946)

5 folders (0.1 linear feet)

The Private Frederick Levis, Jr. papers document Frederick "Sonny" Levis' experience while serving in the United States Marine Corps in China during the Second World War. The materials date from 1943 to 1946 and include letters from Levis to his parents, grandparents, and friends, as well as two copies of a photograph of a newly wedded couple, some correspondence related to Levis, and two issues of The North China Marine newspaper, printed in Tientsin, China.

Identifier: SC2021.007
Repository: Special Collections
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Sentimental Journeys: Delmarva Remembers World War II

by Judith M. Ferrand (circa 1995)

1 box (0.25 linear feet)

"Sentimental Journeys: Delmarva Remembers World War II" is a collection of interviews of fifty(50) World War II veterans from the Delmarva Peninsula. The collection was assembled and produced by Judith M. Ferrand in the spring and summer of 1995 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, in association with WBOC-TV and Wor-Wic Community College. The interviews of the fifty veterans cover all topics surrounding the Second World War including life prior to the war, enlistment and training, various battles, important individuals such as Generals Patton and McArthur, and the Veteran's views of their service. Included with the Interviews is a plastic-bound book that uses the information from the fifty interviews to tell their collective story, from the causes of the war to Veteran's evaluation of their service. Digitized versions of each tape are available upon request.

Identifier: 1997.003
Repository: Local History Archives
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The Life of a P.O.W. Under the Japanese in Caricature

by Fortier, Malcolm Vaughn (1946)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

The Life of a P.O.W. Under the Japanese in Caricature was written and illustrated by Colonel Malcolm Vaughn Fortier. Published in 1946, the book contains caricatures drawn by Colonel Fortier while imprisoned in a Japanese P.O.W. camp in the Philippines, from April 9, 1942 to August 20, 1945. The drawings illustrate life as a P.O.W. and include captions to clarify some of the scenes. At the end of the book is a compiled roster of P.O.W.s associated with Colonel Fortier in prison camps. Some names include the soldier's "emergency address" while others detail when that man died and how or where he was buried.

Identifier: SC2023.002
Repository: Special Collections
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Vinson and Buck Family Collection

by Allen, BetsyAllen, FultonAllen, LoisBuck, LeonardBuck, Ruth Valesca AllenGorrell, Marlene BuckGorrell, WilliamHancock, Julia "Betsy" Allen (1838 – 2012)

22 boxes,  7 oversize folders (10 linear feet)

The Vinson and Buck collection is made up of the personal papers and artifacts of the Buck family. The collection contains personal documents dating back to 1838 and includes the records and belongings of several families related to the Bucks, including: the Allens, the Gorrells, the Raudenbushes, the Klines, the Jennings and the Phillips. The bulk of the collection is made up of photographs that document Leonard Buck’s time in the military, the travels and home life of the Buck family, and local history. Other items include religious papers, personal and business correspondence, and family mementos.

Identifier: 2023.017
Repository: Local History Archives
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