Student FAQ



What are Course Reserves?

Course reserves are books, articles, DVDs, and other types of items that your professors have made available for you to use for your courses.

There are two types of reserves: physical and electronic. Physical reserves are available at the Library Service Desk in the Guerrieri Academic Commons. These items circulate for a short time and usually must be used in the library. "Electronic reserves" are simply online readings posted by your instructor on your course's MyClasses page. Copies of some, but not all, required textbooks are available for short term use in the library. (Most of these are personal copies on loan from your professors! If a textbook for your class is NOT on reserve, it doesn't hurt to ask your professor if he or she has an extra copy that could be shared as a course reserve!)

Are my Textbooks available at the library?
Unfortunately, the library does not have the resources needed to purchase every book that our faculty assign as required texts for courses. In order to relieve some of the financial burden on students, we have established the Textbooks on Reserve Program. We have purchased copies of the textbooks of some courses to keep on Reserve behind the Library Service Desk. Students can check these out for 2-hour periods of in-library use. The Dean selects the courses based on enrollment, with weight given to those courses with high withdraw/failure rates. In addition, many professors have brought in their own personal copies or their deparments' extra copies for you students to use through the Textbooks on Reserve Program! Over half of our Textbooks on Reserve are here because of generous faculty. If your course's textbook is not on reserve, please ask your instructor to loan the library any extra copies they have!
How do I get access to the books my professor has on reserve?

Just come up to the Library Service Desk, and tell a staff person that you would like to check out a Course Reserve. You will need your Gull Card (or your barcode app). If you can provide the Shelf Name and Number of the item you want, the staff person can quickly retrieve the item from the back and check it out to you. You can find this "location" information in our searchable Reserves catalog, to the right of the item's title.

We can also assist you when you come up to the desk with looking up the item in our Course Reserves system catalog on a service desk computer -- you will need to know the item's title, your professor's name, or your course number. You must have your Gull Card (or the SU Gull Card Barcode app) to check out anything at the library.

What if my professor has a DVD on reserve?

Usually DVDs being used in courses have a 3-Hour checkout period, and can NOT be taken out of the building. When you check out the DVD, you can also check out an external DVD player and headphones, and watch the film on any computer in the GAC. Check out a laptop and find a comfortable couch or chair in the library, or watch the film on one the large screens in a reservable study room!

What are E-reserves, and how do I get to them?

E-reserves can be book chapters, journal articles, or any digital material that your professor wants to make available to you. Your professor will post E-reserves on your course's MyClasses Canvas page. Some articles might be accessible through the library's databases -- your professor might provide a link to these articles on MyClasses, or might ask that you use the library's databases directly to get research experience. You can print or download most E-reserves for offline reading -- you are allotted 300 pages of campus prints per week.