The 'Nam Files


This is a podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of Vietnam Veterans from the Eastern Shore. The three men featured in these episodes are Donald Whaley, Harry Basehart, and Newell Quinton. Each of these men used their experiences to make a positive impact on the region. 

This podcast uses resources from the Nabb Research Center to explore the complexities of these mens' experiences during the Vietnam War. Using the Oral Histories gives the ability to know how education, the war draft, and social obligation shaped experiences of the Vietnam War. Each veteran offers their experiences in a way that can be put into the context of the war as a whole.

As an intern for the Nabb Center, I wanted to create a project that goes deeper into the lives of Vietnam Veterans while also putting it into a local context. People often don't consider how war affects those in local communities, which inspired me to focus on people from the Eastern Shore specifically. By hearing these stories I gained more empathy for the varied experiences that made the war as monumental as it was, as well as the way politics impacted every aspect of Vietnamese combat.  


Rihana Stevenson