Identidad Cultural en Colombia Caribeña

This exhibit is part of a recent exchange between the Institución Universitaria ITSA, in Barranquilla, Colombia, and SU’s Janet Dudley-Eshbach Center for International Education. It features ITSA student artwork and photography that explores themes of cultural identity and pays tribute to Colombian Caribbean culture. Some of the work may seem familiar, as the student artists re-imagined well-known works of art inspired by Afro and
Indigenous Colombian beauty and aesthetics.


ITSA: Salomón Consuegra Pacheco, Dean, Faculty of Science, Education, Art and Humanities, Daniella Villa Nieves, Program Leader, Graphic Design, Soraya Saad, Art Faculty, Jennifer Andrea Niebles Lubo, Director, Interinstitutional Cooperation and Relations *** SU: Brian Stiegler, Assistant Provost for International Education, Beatriz Hardy, Dean, University Libraries, Creston Long, Director, Nabb Research Center, Melinda McPeek, Curator of Exhibits and Engagement, Nabb Research Center, Melissa Aristizábal, Coordinator of International Student Success