Native Americans Then and Now

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Native Americans Then and Now


Native American History


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December 2020


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[Col. Richard Henry Pratt on horseback, founder and superintendant of the Carlisle Indian School, Carlisle, Pa. ]
A photograph of General Richard Pratt, founder of the first Indian School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Credited with the infamous belief "kill the Indian, save the man."

'Scouts' Convocation' // Window Rock High School Fighting Scouts Football
Picture of high school student athletes preparing for a pep rally at Window Rock High in Fort Defiance, Arizona.

Genoa Indian School Students
A picture of numerous native schoolboys and girls all packed in a traditional classroom setting.

Nambe Pueblo Community Farm, Vineyard, and Buffalo Program
Tour of economically built
greenhouse from George Toya, farm
Photoset of community farm + benefits like, free fresh food for community, rehabilitation for addicts in recovery, as well as a way for present tribal members to

Landscape View of Indian Farm
Indian Farms Cherokee- Swain County June 1945

Choctaw men and boys playing a game similar to lacrosse, near Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.

Ball Game Stick
An early lacrosse stick

Lt. Woody J. Cochran holding a Japanese flag, New Guinea
A Cherokee from Oklahoma and a bomber pilot, Lieutenant Cochran earned the Silver Star, Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Air Medal.

Praying Around the Fire With Rattles
This painting shows an Algonquin fire ritual. It is one of the earliest accounts of a Native American spiritual ceremony.

An oration, delivered February 4, 1774, before the American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia
This is an example of Native American Healthcare methods being criticized. However, it does give good insight into what the Native healthcare methods may have been
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