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Evergreen Yearbook Administrative Records

by Salisbury State CollegeStudent Council of the Maryland Normal School/State Teachers College (1947 – 2000)

1 box (0.5 linear feet)

This collection contains layouts, contact sheets, and mockups of the Evergreen Yearbook by students for the 1947, 1960, and 1998-2000 school years.

Associated Subjects: Clubs • Education • Graphic Arts • Personal Correspondence • Photography • Questionnaires • Yearbook
Identifier: SUA-103
Repository: University Archives
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Wicomico High School Class of 1958 Reunions

by Unknown (1946 – 2020)

3 cartons,  1 box (3.5 linear feet)

The Wicomico Highschool Reunions Collection is a collection which features the documentation of each reunion of the Wicomico Highschool Class of 1958 with a range from 1946 to 2020 and a bulk range of 1954 to 2020.

Identifier: 2019.059
Repository: Local History Archives
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