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Bayly Family papers

by Bayly, Alexander HamiltonBayly, J. Washington E.Bayly, JosiahBayly, Julian (1706 – 1934)

37 cartons (47 linear feet)

The papers of the Bayly family extensively document the Cambridge, Dorchester County, Maryland family from 1706-1934, with the bulk of the material dating from 1820-1865. This comprehensive collection documents the lengthy legal and political career of Maryland Attorney General Josiah Bayly, as well as the prolific medical practices of his son, Dr. Alexander Hamilton Bayly. Simultaneously, the collection documents family education practices, and thoughts on the American Civil War through scrapbooks and correspondence. Leisure activities are observed through a variety of fictional publications from the Library of Select Novels, and the Shakespeare Quarto Illustrated. Additional printed materials include local and national newspapers, almanac’s, weekly satirical magazines, Godey’s Lady’s Book and Blackwood’s Edinburg Magazine.

Identifier: 2009.316
Repository: Local History Archives
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Dennis Family Papers

by John V. Dennis Sr (1759 – 2000)

3 boxes (1.5 linear feet)

This collection contains correspondence, family trees, death and birth certificates, wills, and other information from 1759 to 2000 pertaining to the Dennis family and its origins in Maryland and Virginia.

Associated Subjects: Crisfield Family • Environment • Farm Life • Genealogy • Slavery
Identifier: 1990.066
Repository: Local History Archives
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Diary of John Shaw

by Shaw, John (1856 – 1857)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This diary was written from 1856 to 1857 by John Shaw of Portland, Maine. The journal is written in two different sides. The first side was written in 1856 and includes Shaw's thoughts on religion and Christianity, as well as his observations while visiting Syracuse, New York, Boston, and Chicago. The second side begins with "Thoughts" that include several pages of writings followed by journal entries from Chicago in 1857. Included on this side are also transcriptions of a couple of letters Shaw wrote to a newspaper editor, one of which detailed his opinions about the upcoming presidential election between Buchanan and Pierce. Shaw also wrote about his beliefs on the question of slavery and commented on the ongoing North-South arguments that led to the Civil War.

Associated Subjects: Diaries • Diaries (Men) • Religious History • Slavery • Voyages and Travel
Identifier: SC2018.019
Repository: Special Collections
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J. L. Watts collection

by Lankford, Benjamin (1797 – 1836)

4 folders (0.04 linear feet)

The J L Watts Collection contains photocopies of personal correspondence, business correspondence, and land deeds relating to Benjamin Lankford. The personal correspondence is between Benjamin Lankford and his family. The business correspondence focuses on Lankford's business interest, with one letter focusing on the sale of a woman and child slave. The land deeds focus on Benjamin Lankford gaining land. These correspondences take place in Somerset County.

Associated Subjects: Lankford Family • Land Records • Slavery
Identifier: 1990.056
Repository: Local History Archives
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Kay Scarborough Collection

by Scarborough, Kay (1742 – 1950)

3 folders (0.03 linear feet)

The Kay Scarborough Collection covers genealogy and history of several families. These families are the West, Haworth, and Scarborough families. Within, there are details of when people were born, died, and who their children were. There is a detailed description of Quaker life, and how the Scarborough family knew William Pen. There is also a section regarding agricultural slave labor in Worcester Country, Maryland.

Associated Subjects: Haworth Family • Quakers • Scarborough Family • West Family • Genealogy • Slavery
Identifier: 1990.019
Repository: Local History Archives
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Lankford Family papers

by Lankford, BenjaminLankford, Scott, and Porter families (1683 – 1975)

10 boxes,  1 oversize box (7.75 linear feet)

The Lankford Family Papers document the Somerset County, Maryland family's activities through extensive correspondence, land records, photographs, newspaper clippings, genealogical notes, and other materials. While the collection dates between 1683 and 1975, the majority dates between 1812 and 1897. Much of the correspondence revolves around Benjamin Lankford (1798-1886), who served in the Maryland General Assembly between the 1840s and 1870s, as well as his wife, Susan, and her sister Mary Jane Guillet. The correspondence in the collection is described at the item level.

Associated Subjects: Farm Life • Lankford Family • Personal Correspondence • Politics • Slavery
Identifier: 2000.002
Repository: Local History Archives
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Lazarus Cottman and James Dickenson Papers

by Steurus, T. B. (March 31, 1864)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Lazarus Cottman and James Dickenson Papers contain original 1864 manuscripts. T.B. Steurus was a Recruiting Officer for the United States Military Service, and was recruiting Lazarus Cottman, James Dickernson's slave.

Associated Subjects: Slavery
Identifier: 2009.105
Repository: Local History Archives
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Samuel Dawson family papers

by Dawson, Samuel (1783 – 1920)

1 box (0.5 linear feet)

The Samuel Dawson family papers document the activities of Dawson of Virginia and his descendants before, during and after the Civil War from 1783-1920 with the bulk of the material dating from 1861-1868. Materials include legal judgment and the estate inventory of Samuel Dawson, a receipt for horses sold to the Confederacy by Samuel A. Dawson, a diary written by Charles G. Dawson documenting his experience in the Gettysburg campaign, a record of family slaves, a handwritten cookbook and a travel account from Philadelphia to Fauquier, Va. by Henrietta Horner Wyeth during the 1860s as well as Dawson and Cooper family histories. Also included is a handwritten constitution for the Society of the Cincinnati and an abstracts of correspondence from General Thomas Jesup from his campaigns in Florida during the Seminole Wars.

Identifier: 2013.093
Repository: Local History Archives
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Serrell Family Collection

by Beahm, Laura SerrellDemetre, AndreOdier, AdolpheOdier, AntoineOdier, JamesSerrell, AndrewSerrell, EdithSerrell, Jeanne M. Demetre (1824 – 2020)

15 cartons,  1 drawer (20 linear feet)

The Serrell Family Collection documents the personal and family history of Andrew Serrell (1923-2018) including the Serrell family, Demetre family, Odier family, and other ancestors. Personal items relating to Andrew Serrell's career in the U.S. Navy from 1941 to 1974 include pilot logs, photographs, naval orders, and other service-related documents. Serrell's paternal family, including the puppeteer Edith Serrell, lived primarily in Dobbs Ferry, New York and are documented through photographs, correspondence, and other documents. Serrell's maternal family--the Demetre and Odier families--frequently went back and forth between France, New Orleans, and New York City. This branch of the family is heavily documented through family histories, correspondence, photographs, drawings, and business papers. There are also three framed portrait paintings and several artifacts.

Identifier: SC2018.041
Repository: Special Collections
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Special Collections Pamphlet Collection

by Various (1762 – 1985)

9 cartons,  2 boxes (10 linear feet)

The Special Collections Pamphlet Collection consists of over 800 published manuscripts discussing a wide variety of national and international topics. The materials date between 1762 and 1985. Similar topics have been grouped together, but may be found throughout the collection. Some of the major topics included in the collection are: race relations, Australia, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, African American history, Native American history, military history (American Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War), education, industry, labor history, agriculture, railways, government and politics, international relations, socialism, communism, economics, prisons, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, prohibition, temperance, women's history and groups, and biographies and obituaries.

Identifier: SC2020.032
Repository: Special Collections
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Thomas Davidson collection

by Davidson, Thomas (circa 1982)

6 folders (0.06 linear feet)

The Thomas Davidson Collection contains research papers written by Thomas E. Davidson on subjects regarding the Eastern Shore, involving slavery, Native Americans, and freedman during the 18th and 19th centuries. This collection contains an essay titled, "Free Black on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland: The Colonial Period -1662 to 1775." There is also an essay on Indian villages on lower Delmarva titled "Historically Attested Indian Villages on the Lower Delmarva." Another essay is "Free Black Landowners on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland 1783-1861." There is also an essay titled, "The Demographics of Freedom- Manumission Practices and the Shaping of the Eastern Shore's Free Black Population." The last essay is an archaeological excavation information booklet from Bloodsworth Island, Dorchester County, Md.

Associated Subjects: Native American History • Slavery
Identifier: 1982.013
Repository: Local History Archives
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Underground Railroad collection

by Leggett, Vincent O.Ohio Historical SocietyQuillin, Holli S. (1998 – 2001)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Underground Railroad collection contains three materials relating to the Underground Railroad movement. Such items include "Exploring a Common Past" booklet by the Ohio Historical Society, various Chesapeake studies by Vincent O. Leggett, and school curriculum concerning the movement authored by Holli S. Quillin.

Associated Subjects: Slavery
Identifier: 2009.077
Repository: Local History Archives
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