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Items with subject 'Lynching'

Dean Kotlowski Civil Rights Collection

by Kotlowski, Dean (1915 – 2005)

1 box (0.25 linear feet)

This collection contains newspaper clippings, transcripts, correspondence and audio tape cassettes. The material in the collection tells the story of Aloysius Sheppard an 18 year Black American accused and convicted of rape who was subsequently lynched in 1915 in Caroline County, Maryland. The collection also covers the political climate regarding the subject of Civil Rights in 1963 through presidential recordings and partial transcripts obtained from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. Additional materials include documents on the Nanticoke Native Americans and Assateague Island National Seashore.

Associated Subjects: Oral History • Lynching • Native American History
Identifier: 2005.055
Repository: Local History Archives
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Eastern Shore Lynching Collection

by Messick, Julie (1931 – 1990)

1 box (0.25 linear feet)

In 2011, Julie Messick collected material relating to lynchings on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Her findings focus on two notable lynchings, being those of Matthew Williams in 1931 and George Armwood in 1933. Included is a series of newspaper articles, excerpts from books and manuscripts, a program from a remembrance event, and death certificates.

Associated Subjects: Lynching • Racism
Identifier: 2011.139
Repository: Local History Archives
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Joseph Moore collection

by Moore, Joseph (1849, 2006)

10 boxes,  1 oversize folder (13 linear feet)

Joseph Moore, a Berlin, Worcester County, Maryland attorney, devoted the better part of 20-plus years to researching and writing on the trial and outcome of the murder of Green Davis and his family by Euel Lee aka Orphan Jones, 1863-2006. The series of documents culminated in the publication, “Murder on Maryland’s Eastern Shore: Race, politics, and the Case of Orphan Jones”. Records document the proceedings of the events surrounding the Davis family murders. Presentments and court materials by Lee’s attorney Bernard Ades with corresponding newspaper accounts reflect the legal proceedings of confessed murderer Euel Lee / Orphan Jones, and his ultimate death by lynching in the Baltimore County Jail, 1933. Records within this set also reflect Moore’s vested interest in Worcester County history, including the Henry and Dirickson families, as well as the Civil War, specifically Purnell’s Legion, and the freedmen of color who served for the Union and Confederate Armies. Photostatic copies of manumissions, and general enrollment records for the duration of the war, as well as an original receipt for enslaved persons in 1863, reveal Moore’s commitment to Worcester County, Maryland.

Identifier: 1998.096
Repository: Local History Archives
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Lynching Postcard (Dallas, Texas)

by Unknown (1910)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

This postcard depicts a lynching scene on Main Street in Dallas, Texas on March 3, 1910.

Associated Subjects: Postcards • Racism • Lynching
Identifier: SC2014.066
Repository: Special Collections
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Marie Waller oral history

by Holt, Susan (2009)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

Oral history interview with Marie Waller, who reflects on the 1931 Salisbury lynching, conducted by Susan Holt in November 2009.

Associated Subjects: Oral History • Lynching
Identifier: 2012.078
Repository: Local History Archives
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Peter Nagler papers

by Nagler, Peter Andrew (1977)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The papers of Peter Nagler document Nagler's research paper written in 1977 for Phi Alpha Theta and Dr. Millard Les Callette, titled, "A Brutal Incident at Salisbury, December 4, 1931," Nagler documents the brutality of the lynching as well as race relations on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Associated Subjects: Student Research • African American History • Lynching
Identifier: 2015.108
Repository: Local History Archives
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Polly Stewart papers

by Stewart, Polly (1964 – 2013)

18 boxes,  1 oversize folder (12 linear feet)

The papers of Polly Stewart document her educational work as well as her research and dedication to folklore and folklife on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and other cultural groups from 1964-2013, with the bulk of the material dating from her professorship at Salisbury University, 1974-2000. The material contains teaching notes from courses at Salisbury University including literature, mythology, as well as LGBTQ and Feminism studies, research materials on lynchings, folklore, folklife, cultural exploration, and her records of participation in a variety of societies such as the Maryland Folklore Festival.

Associated Subjects: Women's History • Maritime • Religious History • Lynching • Culture • Gay Community
Identifier: 2006.244
Repository: Local History Archives
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Salisbury Documentary Video Collection

by Jeanne Anderton (1986 – 1987)

1 box (0.15 linear feet)

This box contains three VHS video recordings of three individuals who lived in or around Salisbury in the early Twentieth Century: Mr Henry Fields, a shop owner in downtown Salisbury and World War One veteran; Mr. John Bailey, a World War Two veteran and farmer from Quantico; and Mr. Ted White, World War One veteran, previous mayor of Salisbury and Pharmacist from White & Leonard's on Main Street. Each of these men describe life in Wicomico in the early Twentieth Century and the changes that occurred in the area throughout their lives.

Associated Subjects: Lynching • Prohibition • Business • Construction • Land Records
Identifier: 2009.223
Repository: Local History Archives
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Wilmer O. Lankford III papers

by Unknown (1894 – 2008)

3 boxes (2.25 linear feet)

The papers of Wilmer O. Lankford III encompass his research materials and original manuscripts of his four-volume book, They Lived in Somerset; including Lankford family documents such as Wilmer’s Western Maryland College scrapbook, as well as facsimiles and transcripts of church records, from Somerset County, Maryland, 1894-2008. Additional components include Rev. William Colbert’s account of his travels in Somerset County from 1801-1807, and the diary of Ida Marshall Lankford that reflects the lynching of Isaac Kemp for the murder of Constable Ned Carver.

Associated Subjects: Education • Genealogy • Lynching • Methodism • Presbyterianism
Identifier: 1984.011
Repository: Local History Archives
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