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Items with subject 'Pollitt Family'

Richard W. Cooper papers

by Cooper, Richard Waller (1605 – 2001)

18 boxes,  2 oversize folders (12.5 linear feet)

The Richard Cooper papers document his professional and personal activities through his collection of materials dating from 1605 to 2001. The documents focus on the religious and political histories of Wicomico and Worcester County as well as the history of the Mason-Dixon Boundary Line depicted through Cooper’s column in the Daily Times. The papers also document the topographic history of Delmarva through Cooper’s career as an engineering surveyor. Documents from his surveying career and interests include topographic maps, survey certificates, land deeds, and plats. A photograph album documents the construction of his family home at 611 Tony Tank Lane in Salisbury, Maryland. Materials within the collection include newspaper clippings, photographs, family histories, and correspondence. Drafts and manuscripts of Cooper’s published works on the history of Salisbury, Profile of a Colonial Community, Salisbury in Times Gone By, and Portrait of Salisbury are contained within the collection.

Identifier: 1987.093
Repository: Local History Archives
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Roy C. Pollitt papers

by Pollitt, Roy (1660 – 1995s)

3 boxes (1.5 linear feet)

Pollitt’s papers serve as a genealogical study of the history of the Pollitt family on the East Coast. Two-thirds of the collection is devoted to files on family members and related genealogies; the other third divided between correspondence, submissions to his short-lived newsletter "Old Somersett" and photocopies of records from the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis. Pollitt’s family files are comprised of an assortment of record types. Not only do many files contain charts for a particular individual’s family branch, but copies of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, wills, military papers, newspaper clippings and land records. Thus, his collection offers a unique perspective of the Pollitt family from the 17th to the 20th century. His correspondence displays a genuine interest in genealogy and a willingness to assist others with their research pursuits. Frequently, correspondents sent him copies of their own family histories.

Associated Subjects: Genealogy • Pollitt Family
Identifier: 1998.117
Repository: Local History Archives
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Thomas Pollitt Family Bible

by Unknown (1767)

1 box (0.25 linear feet)

The Thomas Pollitt Family Bible, was published in 1767 and printed in London, England by Mark Baskett. The bible contains notations listing the births of Levin Morris (b. 1782) and the children of Titus, slaves owned by William Pollitt, ranging from 1783 to 1805. Two of the slaves became well-known Free Black men on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the Rev. Frost Pollitt (1789-1871) and George Pollitt (1794-1850).

Associated Subjects: African American History • Pollitt Family
Identifier: 2013.016
Repository: Local History Archives
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