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Items with subject 'Fields Family'

Family Bible Collection

by Unknown (1700 – 1900s)

23 boxes (25 linear feet)

Bibles donated to the Nabb Center, whether singly or as part of a larger collection, have been integrated into this collection. A variety of print editions spanning from 18th Century to 20th century are represented, as well as various religious denominations and types of Bibles. Most of the Bibles contain hand-written notations of family history – including births, deaths, marriages and baptisms-- for several surnames beyond the title. Some may contain additional clippings or other items and some Bibles do not contain any family information. Family Bibles held by the Nabb Center and not included in this collection are also referred to in the inventory. A partial transcription of the family history pages is available upon request (full transcription will be made available online soon).

Identifier: 2006.200
Repository: Local History Archives
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Fields Family Ephemera

by Unknown (1913 – 1990s)

2 folders (0.2 linear feet)

This collection contains ephemera from the Fields and other families in Wicomico County dating from 1913 to the 1990s, though primarily in the 1940s.

Associated Subjects: Receipts • Fields Family
Identifier: 2021.040
Repository: Local History Archives
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Fields Family History collection

by Unknown (1890 – 2005)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Fields Family History Collection contains genealogical material on the Fields family. Included are pedigree charts, which are the majority of the collection and map out many generations of the Fields family. Also included is biographical information on some members of the family and a few photos of Fields family members.

Associated Subjects: Fields Family • Genealogy
Identifier: 2013.009
Repository: Local History Archives
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