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Items with subject 'Coulbourne Family'

Coulbourne Family History Collection

by Unknown (1850 – 1990)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

The Coulbourne Family History Collection contains genealogical information regarding the Coulbourn Family. The documents date back to Joshua James Coulbourne, (1850-1926). The information details obituary records of family members, along with family bible information about the lineage detailing birth and death dates.

Associated Subjects: Coulbourne Family • Genealogy
Identifier: 1992.018
Repository: Local History Archives
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Coulbourne Family papers

by Coulbourne Family (1834 – 1866)

1 box (0.5 linear feet)

This small collection of nineteenth century documents is comprised of a number the land records, receipts and wills of two generations of the Coulburn family: Elijah (d.1853) and Hetty Coulburn (d.1865) and their son Sampson , all of Worcester County, Md. Elijah and Hetty lived on a parcel of land known as “Dower,” and upon Elijah’s death, the land was deeded to her son, who owned a number of parcels of his own in Worcester County, including “Fox Harbor.” In 1854, Sampson received a patent to consolidate a number of his properties as one. These include parts of “Golden Purchase,” “Sod,” “Bevan’s Choice,” “Aquintico Savannah” and “Greenland.” Sampson was the executor of both Elijah and Hetty’s estates. Throughout the collection, the name Coulburn appears in a number of variations: Colburn, Coulburn and Coulburne. For example, the payments made on Hetty Coulburn’s estate include two different spellings of her name: Coulburn is spelled both as Coulburn and Colbourne. Spelling issues also arise in the overlapping spellings of Sampson and Samson, who may or may not be the same person. The receipts of Sampson Coulbourne (Colbourn)

Associated Subjects: Coulbourne Family • Land Records
Identifier: 1998.073
Repository: Local History Archives
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Coulbourne Farm Collection

by Unknown (1906 – 2006)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

This collection consists of material pertaining to Coulbourne Farm in Pocomoke. Included are photographs of the house and a gravesite of Madam Hampton and a 1906 letter dictating provenance.

Associated Subjects: Coulbourne Family • Death Records
Identifier: 2006.034
Repository: Local History Archives
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Robert L. Chamberlin Collection

by Unknown (1675 – 1990)

2 folders (0.02 linear feet)

The Robert L. Chamberlin Collection contains genealogical information on the Chamberlin, Coulbourne, and Miles families. Contained within are birth, death, and marriage dates. There are also some biographical information on some family members of the Chamberlin family.

Associated Subjects: Chamberlin Family • Coulbourne Family • Miles Family • Genealogy
Identifier: 1992.014
Repository: Local History Archives
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