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Items with subject 'Sterling Family'

Bradshaw Funeral Home records

by Bradshaw Funeral Home (1936 – 1942)

1 folder (0.01 linear feet)

Series of photographic copies of records from Bradshaw Funeral Home located in Crisfield, Maryland documenting the funeral costs and burial services for the Sterling, Lawson, and Tyler families, 1936-1942.

Associated Subjects: Lawson Family • Sterling Family • Tyler Family
Identifier: 2015.170
Repository: Local History Archives
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John and Edith Sterling marriage certificate

by Unknown (July 5, 1910)

1 oversize folder (2.5 linear feet)

Marriage certificate for John F. Sterling and Edith G. Wilson, July 5, 1910; the certificate features a printed floral design with wedding bells and an image of the prophet Isaac. The certificate reads, "This Certifies that John F. Sterling of Crisfield, and Edith G. Wilson of Crisfield, were by me united in Holy Matrimony, According to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State at Salisbury, Md., on the fifth day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and ten, W.R. Graham, Minister of the Gospel."

Associated Subjects: Sterling Family
Identifier: 2015.186
Repository: Local History Archives
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Woodrow T. Wilson papers

by Wilson, Woodrow T. (1907 – 2000)

14 cartons,  1 oversize folder (16.5 linear feet)

The papers of Woodrow T. Wilson are a comprehensive documentation of his extensive research conducted to author his four-volume series on Crisfield, Maryland and Somerset County, Maryland as well as numerous articles written for the Crisfield Times. Manuscripts, proof copies, and unpublished materials authored by Wilson and his associates are also included. The amassed collection of newspaper clippings, birth, marriage and death records, family histories and typed articles are a testament to the people of Crisfield, 1907-2000 with the bulk of the material dating from 1968-1980.

Identifier: 2015.153
Repository: Local History Archives
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