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Worcester County Land Records: Abstracts of Liber AG, AF, and AH, 1815 - 1818

Land Records • 41 Records • Uploaded July 6, 2022

These records were extracted from a book of the same name; a project of the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society and the Nabb Research Center from 1997. These three volumes of records are missing, due to a fire in November 1834 at the Snow Hill Court House in Worcester County. More than 160 years after the fire, the loose papers from which the libers had been copied were discovered in a warehouse belonging to Worcester County, having survived both the 1834 and the 1893 Snow Hill fires. There are numerous gaps in the series, but the information that is found within the book had not been publicly available since 1834. Extractions include manumissions, bills of sale, and immigrations of Black individuals into the state of Maryland.

Extracted by Donna Messick

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  • Abstract: Type of Document (sale/manumission) and people; amount and other details Indexed
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