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Abstracts of Worcester Orphans Court Proceedings, 1848-1851

Wills and Inheritance • 425 Records • Uploaded June 20, 2023 • Data Website: www.familysearch.org

This source includes abstracts of references to free and enslaved Black individuals found in the Worcester County Orphans Court Proceedings (Liber TT5) 1848-1851. These Orphans Court records include Apprenticeships (free persons under 21 being bound as an apprentice), Distributions of Negroes (Distributions to heirs after death of a slaveholder), Views & Estimates (annual income from estate of deceased person), Petitions (includes free person asking permission to remain in state), and Orders (various Court Orders).

The original Orphans Court Proceedings books for the years 1782-1851 have been scanned and can be found on familysearch.org under the Maryland Register of Wills category: Volume Title and Year.

As abstracts of the books for missing years are completed, they will be added to the database.

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