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Wills from Sussex County, Delaware, 1751-1883

Wills and Inheritance • 1,721 Records • Uploaded September 26, 2022

This source contains abstracts of wills probated between 1751-1883 in Sussex County, Delaware. Note that there are several gaps in this compilation (such as 1828-1851,1854-1855, and 1864-1869). This extract consists of entries in which individuals recorded as "Negroes" are mentioned as a legacy, heir, or deceased individual (if so identified). The book series of will abstracts compiled by Leslie and Neil Keddie were the main source for this extract; abstracts compiled by F. Ed Wright and K. Louise Planer were also used. The original libers include: B2, C3, D4, E5, F6, G7 (partial), L11 (partial), M12 (partial), N13 and O14.

Scans of the majority of the original wills can be found at Ancestry.com (membership required) or, if a State of Delaware resident, through the Delaware Public Archives Digital Ancestry page.

Extracted by Donna Messick.

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