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Virginia Deeds of Emancipation (Accomack County), 1701-1838 (Library of Virginia African American Narratives project)

Manumission & Freedom • 716 Records • Uploaded October 29, 2021 • Data Website: www.virginiamemory.com

Deeds of emancipation and manumission essentially provide the same information and there is little difference between the two. Both include the name of the enslaver, the name of the enslaved person to be freed, the date of anticipated freedom, the date the manumission was proved or certified, and sometimes a reason why the enslaver decided to emancipate the enslaved person. In a deed of manumission, an enslaver directly freed an enslaved person by manumission. In a deed of emancipation, an enslaved person could be freed after the enslaver’s death by those executing a last will and testament. This collection also includes court orders that record the date or age when enslaved individuals were to be emancipated by deed as stipulated in an enslaver's will.

This source (and description) was extracted from data provided under Creative Commons from the Library of Virginia’s VIRGINIA UNTOLD: THE AFRICAN AMERICAN NARRATIVE project. The Library’s African American Narrative project aims to provide greater accessibility to pre-1865 African American history and genealogy found in the rich primary sources in its holdings.

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  • Year Indexed
  • First Name Indexed
  • Middle Name Indexed
  • Surname Indexed
  • Alias Indexed
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Physical Description Indexed
  • Means of Manumission Indexed
  • Previous Owner's Name Indexed
  • Additional Slave Names Indexed
  • Additional Free Black Names Indexed
  • Additional Surnames Indexed
  • Recorder's Notes Indexed
  • Processor's Notes Indexed
  • EAD
  • Locality Indexed
  • Source Indexed
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