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Virginia Birth Index of Slaves, 1853-1865

Vital Information • 1,616 Records • Uploaded July 15, 2021

From Leslie Anderson Morales (Editor) 2007 index of this record: In 1853, the Commonwealth of Virginia began an annual registration of births and deaths. The Birth Index of Slaves, 1853-1865 was later transcribed by the Works Project Administration (WPA) and recorded on microfilm." Microfilm record: "Birth Index of Slaves, 1853-1865 (VA)" #00079 Please consult the individual birth records for any additional information not recorded in the index.

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Fields Included

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  • Surname (Slaveowner) Indexed
  • First name (Slaveowner) Indexed
  • Name of Enslaved Person Indexed
  • Mother of Enslaved Person Indexed
  • Date of Birth Indexed
  • Place of Birth Indexed
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