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Source Information

Virginia Bills of Sale from Accomack County Deeds, 1701-1838 (Library of Virginia African American Narratives project)

Slave Sales • 239 Records • Uploaded October 29, 2021 • Data Website: www.virginiamemory.com

This source (and description) was extracted from data provided under Creative Commons from the Library of Virginia’s VIRGINIA UNTOLD: THE AFRICAN AMERICAN NARRATIVE project. The Library’s African American Narrative project aims to provide greater accessibility to pre-1865 African American history and genealogy found in the rich primary sources in its holdings. These bills of sale come from the Accomack County (Va.) Deeds, 1701-1838 (bulk 1737-1820). Bills of sale are written agreements which convey title of property, including enslaved persons, from seller to buyer. Bills of sale record the name of the seller, the names of enslaved persons being sold and their price, and the name of the buyer. Given that they involved a property transaction, bills of sale were commonly recorded and filed with deeds in the local court. However, there was no official requirement that the transfer of an enslaved person be recorded unless necessary for legal purposes such as a court case or an estate settlement.

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Fields Included

The list below shows the data fields included in this source. If a field is marked as Indexed, it is searchable.

  • Year Indexed
  • Slave First Name Indexed
  • Slave Middle Name Indexed
  • Slave Surname Indexed
  • Slave Alias Indexed
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Physical Description Indexed
  • Current Owner's Name (including Indenture Holder & Hiree) / Buyer Indexed
  • Owner's Alias Indexed
  • Prior Owner's Name, if applicable / Seller Indexed
  • Slave's Spouse Indexed
  • Slave's Child Indexed
  • Slave's Parent Indexed
  • Additional Documents Indexed
  • Recorder's Notes Indexed
  • Processor's Notes Indexed
  • EAD
  • Locality Indexed
  • Source Indexed
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