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Virginia Indentures of Apprenticeship (Accomack County), 1802-1818 (Library of Virginia African American Narratives project)

Apprentices and Indentures • 9 Records • Uploaded November 1, 2021 • Data Website: www.virginiamemory.com

Indentures of apprenticeship are composed of indentures binding out free Black individuals, often children, to learn a particular trade or craft. These indentures may be written agreements between the family of the apprentice and those responsible for the indentured. Or, these documents may be generated by local agencies such as the Overseers of the Poor, binding out orphans or those who are considered a burden to the Commonwealth. The indentures of apprenticeship contain the name of the person or institution binding out, the person to whom bound, the name of the person being indentured, the length of the apprenticeship, and the responsibilities of the person taking on the indenture.

This source (and description) was extracted from data provided under Creative Commons from the Library of Virginia’s VIRGINIA UNTOLD: THE AFRICAN AMERICAN NARRATIVE project. The Library’s African American Narrative project aims to provide greater accessibility to pre-1865 African American history and genealogy found in the rich primary sources in its holdings.

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