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Talbot County, Maryland Indentured Children 1796-1913

Apprentices and Indentures • 812 Records • Uploaded August 2, 2023 • Data Website: guide.msa.maryland.gov

This listing, extracted from Bound to Serve: The Indentured Children In Talbot County, Maryland 1794-1920 (F187.T2 L46 1983) by R. Bernice Leonard, contains indentures of “free” children that were filed in Talbot County, Maryland’s Orphans Court. The children were bound out as apprentices. In Talbot County, the girls were usually bound until their 18th birthday and the boys until they were 21 years old. An indication of ages or birthdates are included, along with the child’s full name and that of the person to whom they were assigned; often the name of a parent is included. Note the large number of children who were apprenticed in November 1864 – January 1865 after Maryland’s new constitution banned slavery. The original books of these indentures can be found at the Maryland State Archives within their Register of Wills C1870 group. They do not appear to microfilmed or digitized yet. This link will take you to the MSA citation / book of the originals if you want to visit the Maryland State Archives to see them.

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