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Robert Bell's Book of Slave Statistics, 1864-68 (Dorchester County, MD)

Censuses & Lists • 1,464 Records • Uploaded July 27, 2021

This abstract comes from Commissioner of Slave Statistics, Robert Bell's book of slave statistics, recorded in Dorchester County, Maryland between 1864 and 1868. It was later transcribed by Elaine McGill. A tabular statement showing the number of slaves or persons of color held to labor and service in Dorchester County, Maryland and emancipated by the constitution adopted in the year 1864 and by whom such person held, together with the names, numbers, age, sex, and physical condition of such slaves, and whether slaves for life or a term of years. Made separately in each election district by Robert Bell, Commissioner of Slave Statistics for said county.

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Fields Included

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  • Election District Indexed
  • Name of Former Slave Owner Indexed
  • Name of Slave Indexed
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Physical Condition Indexed
  • Slave for life of # years Indexed
  • Whether enlisted in service Indexed
  • What regiment in US Army Indexed
  • Compensation received from US Gov't Indexed
  • Compensation received from State of Maryland Indexed
  • Transcriber Notes Indexed
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