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Abstracts of Petitions to Southern County Courts, 1775-1867

Judicial • 91 Records • Uploaded October 11, 2021

Delmarva locations were extracted from the “finding aids” of microfilm series Petitions to Southern County Courts, 1775-1867, from Series II of Race, Slavery, and Free Blacks Part B (Maryland (1775-1866), Delaware (1779-1857), District of Columbia (1803-1865) and Part C (Virginia (1775-1867 and Kentucky (1790-1864).

These records are part of the Race, Slavery, and Free Black series of the Black Studies Research Sources of the Race. Both the “finding aid” publication edited by Loren Schweninger & Marguerite Ross Howell as well as the website below were used for these extractions. More details about the project and other search options can be found at https://library.uncg.edu/slavery/petitions/history.aspx This record abstracted by Donna Messick

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  • Part of Series
  • Microfilm Reel in Collection Series
  • Microfilm Frame on Reel
  • Accession Number (identifies petition on microfilm) Indexed
  • County Indexed
  • State Indexed
  • Year Legislative Petition Filed Indexed
  • Abstract of Petition Indexed
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