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Metropolitan Methodist Episcopal Church baptismal records

Church • 696 Records • Uploaded July 7, 2021

Metropolitan Methodist Episcopal Church, located in Princess Anne, Maryland, and originally part of the Delaware Conference, was started in 1885 to replace the John Wesley M. E. Church which was no longer adequate to suit the needs of the congregation. These records dated from 1875 to 1939 usually note the name and age of the baptized individual along with the name of the mother; other details may be included. These records were abstracted from the microfilm held at the Maryland State Archives as part of their MSA SC 2926-1-1 church record collection. Our abstract is also available at archive.org as “Church Records of the Metropolitan Methodist Episcopal Church.” They were abstracted by Kentoya Downing-Garcia and edited by Donna Messick and G. Ray Thompson.

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  • County Indexed
  • Year
  • Month/Day Indexed
  • Surname Indexed
  • First Name Indexed
  • Adult or Infant Indexed
  • Date of Birth
  • Names of Parents Indexed
  • Mode of Baptism
  • Place of Baptism Indexed
  • Officiating Minister Indexed
  • Remarks Indexed
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