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Medical Accounts Ledger of Alexander Hamilton Bayly, 1835-1847

Miscellaneous • 127 Records • Uploaded August 1, 2023 • Data Website: archive.org

This medical accounts ledger documents Alexander Hamilton Bayly's medical work in Dorchester County, Maryland from 1835 to 1847. Based in Cambridge, Bayly's patients lived across the county and included free Black people, as well as families seeking medical assistance for people they enslaved. Additional loose pages detail medical procedures and practices. This ledger is part of the Bayly Family Papers at the Nabb Research Center. For more information about the extensive collection, [visit the finding aid] (http://libapps.salisbury.edu/nabb-archives/local-history-archives/2009.316)

Many medical abbreviations in this transcription are unidentified and corrections are welcomed.

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