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Handsell Plantation Enslaved Peoples Database

Censuses & Lists • 298 Records • Uploaded June 22, 2022 • Data Website: www.restorehandsell.org

This source documents information about the individuals who were once enslaved by the owners of Handsell Plantation in Dorchester County, Maryland. Compiled and researched by the Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance, current stewards of the Handsell site, this comprehensive list includes enslaved persons who were connected with the Rider-Billings-Steele families of Dorchester and 19th century owners of Handsell plantation. An individual on this list may have been at Handsell, Weston, Hambrooks Plantation (in Cambridge), or The Ogle House (in Annapolis), all of which were properties owned by the Steele family members. For more information about the database and the Handsell plantation site, please visit the website included in this source description.

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