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Delaware Bastardy Bonds 1851-1890

Vital Information • 36 Records • Uploaded January 19, 2022 • Data Website: archives.delaware.gov

Bastardy Bonds posted by the father of an illegitimate child ensured reimbursement for the expenses acquired by those caring for the child. These data are abstracted from Delaware Public Archives' "Sussex County Bastardy Bonds" database. The records are only for those noted as "negroes" or "mulattoes".

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  • Date of Birth Indexed
  • Gender
  • First Name Indexed
  • Surname Indexed
  • Mother's Surname Indexed
  • Mother's First Name Indexed
  • Mother's Race Indexed
  • Mother's Residence Indexed
  • Father's Surname Indexed
  • Father's First Name Indexed
  • Father's Race Indexed
  • Transcriber Notes Indexed
  • Series Number Indexed
  • Barcode Number Indexed
  • Folder Number
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