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Roll of Enlisted Men of the 7th Regiment (U.S. Colored Troops)

Military • 1,251 Records • Uploaded June 20, 2023 • Data Website: www.google.com

This roll of the enlisted men of the 7th Regiment USCT was abstracted from the 1878 book Record of the Services of the Seventh Regiment, U.S. Colored Troops from September 1863 to November 1866 compiled by Josiah M. Califf, an Officer in the Regiment. The roll includes names and other information of the Sergeants, Corporals, and Privates of the Regiment and notes if the individuals were free prior to the start of the Civil War. The list is broken into the Companies in which the soldiers served and most include the home county and other information about individuals such as when they joined or if wounded or killed. The 7th Regiment USCT, organized at Baltimore, Md, was comprised of soldiers from the counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia, as well as other counties in the state of Maryland and Washington, D.C; all have been included in this list.

According to the National Park Service, the 7th Regiment USCT first served in Florida in March 1864 and then went to South Carolina in June 1864. They then took part in operations around Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia from August 1864 to May 1865. In late May to June 1865, the regiment traveled to Indianola, Texas serving along the Rio Grande and various points in Texas until October 1866. They returned to Baltimore in October and were mustered out in November 1866.

The book from which this roster was abstracted, describes in interesting details about the 7th Regiment’s organization and recruiting, and the lives of the soldiers during their campaigns. This book can be read or downloaded here

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