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1832 Census of Free Blacks in Somerset County, Maryland

Censuses & Lists • 2,213 Records • Uploaded July 6, 2021

While the 1830 census of Somerset County, Maryland did not survive, this 1832 record of free Black people was enumerated on behalf of the Maryland Colonization Society during its effort to relocate newly freed slaves in Liberia. This 1832 census of free Blacks of Somerset County was compiled from Free Blacks in Harford, Somerset and Talbot Counties, Maryland 1832 by Mary K. Myer. The original Somerset records can be found in Maryland's Somerset Deeds land record GH6 folios 350-360 online at https://mdlandrec.net/main or on the Maryland State Archives microfilm #CR31, 840. The introduction to Meyer's book states: "During the 1831 session of the General Assembly of the State of Maryland, 'An act relating to the People of Color in this state' was passed in order to affect [effect] the removal of free blacks to Liberia or 'such other place or places out of the limits of the state.' The records, taken by the local sheriffs, include free Blacks in the county listed by name, age, and sex. The sheriff was also to determine those free blacks who were willing to remove from out of state; a copy of the list was to be delivered to the Maryland Colonization Society to possibly effect their removal to the colony of Liberia in Africa. This census was transcribed from the Maryland State Archives' microfilm collection.

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