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1798 Federal Direct Tax of Slaveowners

Tax Assessments • 930 Records • Uploaded June 6, 2022

This source was extracted from The 1798 Federal Direct Tax of Somerset County, Maryland, which documented the description of the land, commercial buildings, number of slave owners, and a description of each dwelling-house exceeding the value of $100. This is a compilation of records pertaining to enslaved people that were extracted from Schedule C, Particular List of Slaves. These data is organized by Hundreds in Somerset County, Maryland, name of slave owners, number of enslaved people, number of enslaved people exempted from taxation or disabled, the number of taxable enslaved people above the age of 12 and under the aged of 50. These data were abstracted and edited by Tom Reedy from the Microfilm MSA M 3477 Maryland State Papers, Special Collections MS 807.

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Fields Included

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  • State
  • County
  • District Indexed
  • Individual Taxed (Slave Owner) Indexed
  • Total Number of Slaves
  • Number of Slaves Exempted from Taxation or Disabled
  • Number of Slaves Above 12 and under 50 Years Old
  • Notes Indexed
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