Apollo SU Libraries Application Server

General Applications

  1. GAC Building Maps

    No Login Needed
    Maps of each floor of the Guerrieri Academic Commons with color-coded rooms and a search by room number function.
  2. GAC Digital Signage

    Apollo Login (Staff Only)
    For managing the slides on the digital signage in the GAC.
  3. Leave Calendar

    Apollo Login
    Calendar showing which library staff are out of the office on particular days.
  4. Library Links

    Apollo Login (Staff Only)
    Allows staff to create shareable links that can be tracked based on tags.
  5. Library News

    Apollo Login (Staff Only)
    Allows posting news items to the library website, mobile apps, and the digital signage in the GAC.
  6. Library Service Updates

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    Post status updates to the library homepage, Service Updates page, A-Z Database List, and the SU Libraries app.
  7. MakerLab Dashboard

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    Keeps track of 3D prints in the MakerLab, as well as visitors, student schedules, and patron information.
  8. Staff-facing portal for tutorials built in Niche Academy. Use this portal for tutorials intended for library staff and/or student workers.
  9. Student-facing portal for tutorials built in Niche Academy. Use this portal to create tutorials intended for SU students.
  10. Social Buttons

    Apollo Login
    Make changes to the social buttons page, including adding, editing, and removing buttons.
  11. Student Worker Positions

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    Allows supervisors to update the job listings on the SU LIbraries Student Employment page.

Collection Management

  1. Barcode Generator

    No Login Needed
    Generates one or multiple barcodes capable of being scanned by library scanners.
  2. Call Number Locator

    Apollo Login
    Allows editing the various call number ranges in the GAC as well as printing labels for the shelf end caps.
  3. Circulation Student Schedule

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    Lets student workers at the Circulation Desk sign up for their shifts for the semester as well as get coverage for their shifts.
  4. Controlled Digital Lending

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    View the loans that have been created through the CDL system and see which books/scans have been accessed.
  5. Course Reserves

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    Administration of the Course Reserves system, including adding new items and managing courses.
  6. In-House Serials Usage

    Apollo Login
    Track usage of serials used in-house. Allows marking individual titles as used, viewing statistics, and exporting reports.
  7. Stacks Inventory

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    App for checking the inventory of the stacks against an Aleph shelf list.

Reference & Instruction

  1. Liaison Area Management

    Apollo Login (Staff Only)
    Allows management of the display of liaisons and liaison areas on the library website.
  2. MaRS

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    Allows faculty to submit requests for purchases from their liaison librarian, and allows liaisons to manage their departments' budgets and place orders.
  3. Search Settings

    Apollo Login
    Settings for the search box on the library homepage, including which terms trigger alternate resource suggestions.

Nabb Center

  1. Enduring Connections

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    Database that allows users to search records of Delmarva’s Black history collected by the Nabb Center.
  2. Finding Aid Portal

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    Administrative app for managing the Finding Aid Portal, including adding, editing, and removing items from the database.
  3. Nabb Online Exhibits (Omeka)

    App-Specific Login
    Allows the creation and publication of digital exhibits in Omeka.


  1. Database Management

    Apollo Login (Staff Only)
    Create and restore backups of databases on this server. Accessible by admins only.
  2. Request an event be created in LibCal to enable registration for Library-related events.
  3. Library Committees

    Apollo Login
    Lists all library committees and their membership. All library staff can view, while server admins can edit.
  4. Jira support portal for managing tickets submitted to library.
  5. Room Signs

    No Login Needed
    Generates the display screens for the iPads outside of each reservable study room and the library classrooms.
  6. User Directory

    Apollo Login (Staff Only)
    Shows all current users with a SU Libraries Web Apps login. Anyone not listed will not be able to access protected applications on this server.

Legacy Applications

  1. Keeps records on the status of some circulating devices, including iPads, Fitbits, and accessories.
  2. Leisure Book Pickup Service

    Apollo LoginApp Account Needed
    Allows patrons to request pickup of leisure collection items when the library is closed.
  3. Order Cards

    App-Specific Login
    No longer in active use. Was used to order non-GOBI items, but now is only for viewing records of those purchases.
  4. SOAR URL Manager

    No Login Needed
    App that generates prettier URLs for use when sharing SOAR@SU content online.