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Items with subject 'Propaganda'

Latinos in the U.S. Zine Collection

by Unknown (2012 – 2022)

1 carton (1 linear feet)

This collection is composed of 151 zines from Latin Americans living around the United States from 2012-2020. There are several authors that have contributed to this collection, and each of these authors produces different types of zines with different themes. Some of these zines include comics, poetry, personal stories, interviews, self-help, Latin American history, and tarot readings. A handful of authors in this collection use their zines to promote a political ideology, BLM, Latino migration, LGBTQ+ rights, freedom of choice, and body positivity. Some of these zines contain explicit language, violence, and sexual references.

Associated Subjects: Latin American history • Magazines • Photography • Poetry • Propaganda • Self-help
Identifier: SC2022.015
Repository: Special Collections
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Soviet Georgia Propaganda Photographs

by Unknown (circa 1955 – 1975)

1 folder (0.1 linear feet)

The Soviet Georgia Propaganda Photographs consist of 26 black and white propaganda photos from Soviet Georgia taken during the Vietnam War (1955 to 1975). The photographs were printed by the Photochronicle of Sakdesa.

Associated Subjects: Military History • Photographs • Propaganda • Vietnam War, 1955-1975
Identifier: SC2023.004
Repository: Special Collections
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